Application Guide for Chinese Language Course

1. Short-term and long-term Chinese Language Course

  1. Short-term Chinese Language Course

in order to meet the requirement of short-term Chinese language study from Foreign Students, Tianjin University hold a period of 2-6 weeks’ short-term Chinese language course throughout the year (20 hours per week) for them. Short-term Chinese language students normally come from cooperation project with the agencies or institutions, usually more than 10 people as one class. Individual applicant can be place into different class according to their level. Main courses: the daily Chinese conversation, reading, listening and speaking, Chinese culture lecture, visiting the place of interest, TaiChi, Peking Opera, Chinese painting, stone carving and so on. We can also arrange some visiting or trip in accordance with the needs of the students. Students can freely to apply, at their own expense.

  1. Long-term Chinese language students

The education system is six months or one year. The longest is not more than two years.
There are four levels: beginner, elementary, intermediate and advanced. They will take a test when they enter, and then according to their Chinese level to go to the proper class with the small class.

There are three kinds of courses: 1) Language Skills curriculum: listening, speaking, reading, writing and so on. In addition, the selective courses are Chinese Idioms, Chinese tourism, pronunciation correcting, Business Chinese, Chinese history, newspaper reading, Chinese and Korean Translation, applied literature for international students, Chinese business spoken language,etc.2) Chinese culture knowledge curriculum: Chinese Culture lectures, Chinese literature, film watching, calligraphy, painting, Chinese folk music, carving, folk dance, Peking Opera watching, TaiChi. 3) Language practice curriculum: the after –class language practice, customs inspection, and visiting cultural sites, etc.

2. Application requirement
Have an equivalent of China’s high school graduation education(or higher). Need to submit the related certificate and transcript. The student will be accepted if qualified. Over age of 18.

3. Application and Entrance Time

Student Type

Application and Entrance Time

Short-term Chinese Language  

the whole year

Long-term Chinese Language

Apply from Sep. to Dec. ; Entrance in Feb. of next year
Apply from Mar. to Jun.; Entrance in Sep.







4. Fees Standard(RMB)
1).Registration fee: 420RMB/student

Student Type

Fee Standard

Short-term Chinese Language


Long-term Chinese Language


Note: the tuition should be according to the published information of that year from the school. If the students drop out, leave or transfer, tuition will not be refunded.









3).Medical insurance: the students, who study in China, when they enter the university, have to buy the medical insurance offered by China Ping An Insurance Company, 600RMB/year/student, 300RMB/half year/student. The insurance period should be more than 6 months.
The short-term course students don’t need to buy the insurance.
4).Other fees, such as travel cost, learning materials, etc has to be beard by the students themselves
5. Completion
After the course finishes, the qualified student will get the completion certificate from our school.