Preparatory Course for International Students

Tianjin University is the only one designated university majored in science and engineering by Ministry of Education of China for offering the preparatory class for the foreign students studying in China under Chinese government scholarship program. Tianjin University School of International Education has already completed two years outstanding preparatory education, and accumulated a lot experience in preparatory education and management. The students from our preparatory classes have all successfully gone to Tianjin University or other 24 famous universities to further their study. With the requirement of the commoners, Tianjin University school of International Education intends to recruit foreign students from all over the world (who want to study in Tianjin University or other university major in science and engineering later)to the preparatory class in Tianjin University at their own expense from September 2008. The preparatory class has a significant difference with other short-term or long-term language training. It is a bridge to connect the language to your later specialty study. In the teaching process, we will pay attention to the basic skills and verbal communication capability training. Through one year Intensive study, foreign students can not only improve their Chinese language ability, but also improve comprehensive capability of mathematics, physics and chemistry. It will make them master the ability and knowledge to live and study in China and give a good preparation for their later specialty study in the university in China. Preparatory class is a shortcut for foreign students to transit into their undergraduate education

The Deadline for Application and Entry Time

Regular class: March to the end of June in each year for applying; entry in September (for the beginners with no Chinese language learning experience)
Senior class: September to the end of December in each year for applying; entry in next March. (For the students with HSK3 certificate or have learnt Chinese for more than one year).

Courses Setting: (the whole day from Monday to Friday)

Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese characters practicing, Oral Chinese, Science and technology Chinese, Reading and writing, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, HSK training and English (selective courses)

Details about the Study

1. The study duration is two semesters, and the actual study week is 40 weeks.
The first semester is the Chinese strengthening stage, 34 class hours a week; in the second semester, on the basis of Chinese strengthening, the students also study the courses such as physics and chemistry and technology Chinese reading and writing, 34 class hours a week. (45 minutes per class)
2. Forms of teaching and studying materials:
We will teach students in accordance of their aptitude, in the form of small classes including entry, primary and secondary these three different level classes; after class there is also a group study, and the studying materials are compiled by ourselves
3. Teaching methods:
Make full use of modern teaching techniques and methods, such as audio, video, multimedia to improve teaching effectiveness. In addition, we fully use the teaching and research resources of Tianjin University to enable students to go the Chinese students’ classrooms, laboratories and research rooms for communicating and exchanging ideas at the beginning or the end of each semester.
4. Examination and evaluation:
Establishing the student files, strictly adhering with the performance appraisal system, the evaluation includes periodical examination, midterm and final examination. Chinese Speaking courses will be evaluated by oral examination, and other courses are by written examination. The Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry courses will have a level evaluating exam before the classes begin.
5. Practical activities:
Make full use of Chinese language and culture environment, organized a variety of languages practical activities, cultural and sports activities and visiting and sightseeing to help students know more about China and ease their tension from learning and life stress.

Application and Admission

1. Qualification: the age of 18-35 years old, have graduated from high school or higher degree holders with good health.
2. Application materials:
(1)  Application Form for foreign students wishing to study in Tianjin University;
(2) high school diploma (If the applicant has not graduated, need to submit the graduation certificate given by the school he or she is studying now.) original or notarized copies.  The certificates which are not in English or Chinese version should be translated into English or Chinese version and also be notarized;
(3) the original and notarized transcript of all the courses in high school. The transcripts which are not in English or Chinese version should be translated into English or Chinese version and also be notarized.
(4) Photocopy of passport (valid ordinary passports);
(5) two photos (same size as the photo in the passport, with one on application form)
(6) copy for certificate of HSK3 of or above, or the certificate indicating that the applicant have learnt Chinese for more than one year (for the applicant who wants to enter university in March).
※ please send all these application materials by post office to Tianjin University School of International Education. Application materials will not be returned regardless of the result of application.
3. Acceptance: The applicants, whose application materials are complete and qualified to enter our school, will be sent the Visa Application Form for Study In China (Jw201), Admission Noticeand Foreigner Physical Examination Form.  The Applicants need to apply for the related visa with these above-mentioned documents in the Chinese embassy or consulate in their own country. The one failed the physical examination will not be accepted.
4. Entry: the applicants should strictly adhere with the entry time and other items on the Admission Notice when register.

Completion of the Classes and Further Study

After the students finish their preparatory class, the one who pass the examination and get excellence scores can go to Tianjin University to further study without any examination. If he or she wants to study in other universities, we will give a recommendation.

Fees (RMB)

1. Registration Fee: 420 RMB
2. Tuition:
Regular class: 24,000 RMB/ year
Intensive class: 13,000 RMB/ semester
3. Medical insurance fee: when the foreign students enter Tianjin University must at the same time buy the medical insurance offered by China Pingan Insurance Company. The Insurance duration is for at least six months.
4. Other fees such as traveling fee, learning materials fee should be offered by the students themselves.

Note: All above fees must be one-off paid in RMB when enter the university. The exact tuition fees should be according to the information from the school in that year. The tuition fee will not be returned if the students drop-out, leave and transfer from the school.

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