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A Brief Introduction - Academic Programs - Admission Requirements - Registration - Charge Norm - Contact US
Charge Norm
   Bachelor’s programs:       RMB16000 yuan/ per academic year,       length of schooling: 4 years
   Master programs:            RMB24000 yuan/per academic year,        length of schooling: 2-3 years
   Doctoral programs:         RMB32000 yuan/per academic year,        length of schooling: 2-3 years
   Chinese language program:   RMB12000 yuan/per academic year,  length of schooling: 1-2 years
   Short-term Chinese language program:  
   RMB 400 yuan/ per week,                
   Sino-US cooperation program students: RMB26650 yuan/per academic year, length of schooling: 4 years

2.Registration Fee:     RMB300 yuan

3.Accommodation Fee:
   Double-bedded room:   RMB36 yuan/ each bed per day
   Single-bed room:       RMB72 yuan/ each bed per day
   Food expense: around RMB600 yuan per month
   Note: a. accommodation condition: each room is equipped with telephone, Internet access (students need to pay their own     telephone and internet expenses), air conditioner, central heating, bathroom and furniture.
   b. if the student wants to live off campus, the expense is about RMB700 yuan to 1000 yuan per person per month.

4.Medical Insurance:
   If the students need to study for more than half a year, they need to buy medical insurance. The premium is RMB600 yuan     per year.

5.Medical expenses and teaching material fee are all on the students.

Time to pay the FEES and Other relevant regulations
  1. When foreign students register with the department, they need to pay within one week all fees in RMB.
  2. They should pay the fees of one academic year in a lump sum. If they have difficulty in payment, they are allowed to pay in 2 installments, one when the first semester begins, and the other when the second semester begins. If a student studies for less than 1 semester, he needs to pay fees for one semester. If a student studies more than 1 semester, but less than 1 academic year, he needs to pay fees for one academic year. If a student leaves the university for personal reasons, the fee won’t be refunded.
  3. The accommodation fee needs to be paid upon the beginning of each semester. If a student has difficulty in payment, he may apply to the university and then pay per month after his application is approved. If a student leaves the university because he completes the course, suspends his schooling, or quits his schooling, he needs to pay the accommodation fee for the number of days he resides in the dormitory.
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