How to apply at SWUN

Application for admission

1.Completed application form

2.Passport photos (6)

3.Passport copy and visa copy

4.Accommodation Registration Form for Aliens

(Go to get from the local police station. also need to have your address in China.)

5.House contract copy

6.Foreigner Physical Examination Form copy
•Only for those born before 1970 or applying for a one year visa
•CIQ:NO.3Tong-Zi-Lin-Bei-Lu (near Carrefour)

Working Time: 8:30 am- 11:30 am (Mon.-Fri.) Tel: 85152105

7. Registration fee: RMB 400.00

The school will inspect the application documents within 3 days.

The students pay tuition and get the JW202 form.

The needed documents for apply Visa

1.The passport and the visa

2.Copies of passport and visa

3.Accommodation Registration Form for Aliens

4.Foreigner Physical Examination Form

(Only for who was born before 1970 or apply for one year visa)

5.The third page of JW202

6.The copy of foreign-related establishment from school

7.Certificate from school

8.《visa/stay permit/residence permit application form》

9.Passport photo

10.Visa fee

After obtaining the new visa, the students should give a copy to the SWUN foreign students office.

Students can come to the foreign students office and register during the first week of the new semester. At that time they can get the books and class schedule.

application from of SWUN