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A General Picture of SMU

¶Brief Introduction

Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is a multi-discipline university with 6 fields of study:

Engineering, Management, Economics, Literature, Science and Law. Particular stress is placed on the disciplines of Economic Management and Navigational Technology.

Chinese maritime education was originated at Shanghai and grew out of the Shipping Section of Shanghai Industrial College founded in 1909(towards the end of the Qing Dynasty). SMU was established by the Ministry of Communications in 1959. Since 2000, SMU has been mainly administered by Shanghai Municipality and has been co-constructed by Shanghai Municipality and the Ministry of Transport.

¶University Scale

Currently, SMU provides 42 programs leading to a Bachelor’s degree, 12 programs leading to an Associate’s degree. SMU has been authorized by the State to offer 28 programs leading to a Master’s degree and 7 programs leading to a Doctor’s degree.

Currently, SMU has a full-time student population of near 16,000, of whom over 10,000 are studying for a Bachelor’s degree and over 2000 for a Master’s degree. For decades of years, SMU is devoted to fostering qualified talents for shipping industry. SMU has provided the shipping enterprises, public institutions and government departments with over 40,000 graduates. SMU is therefore honored as “Cradle of Qualified Shipping Personnel”.

¶Education and Research

  • The colleges under the University are as follows:
  • ★ Merchant Marine College (商船学院)
  • ★ College of Communications & Transport (交通运输学院)
  • ★ College of Economics & Management (经济管理学院)
  • ★ Logistics Engineering College (物流工程学院)
  • ★ Information Engineering College (信息工程学院)
  • ★ College of Foreign Languages (外国语学院)
  • ★ College of Ocean Environment and Engineering (海洋环境与工程学院)
  • ★ College of Arts and Science (文理学院)
  • ★ Law School (法学院)

SMU has a Navigational Technology & Control Engineering Lab, which is a key laboratory of the Ministry of Transport, a Maritime Simulation Center, a digital Logistics Experiment Center and an Electrical & Electronics Experiment Center. It owns an aquatic-training base and one training ship of the 10,000 DWT class, the Yu Feng, and two ocean-going sailing boats, the Tian Ying and the Tian Qin as well as 29 training crafts.

¶Disciplines Development

  • State Key Discipline:
  • Communications & Transport Planning & Management
  • Ministry of Transport Key Disciplines:
  • (1) Communications & Transport Planning & Management
  • (2) Industrial Economics
  • Shanghai Municipal Key Disciplines:
  • (1) International Law (Maritime Law)
  • (2) Logistics Management & Engineering
  • (3) Port Machinery Electronics Engineering
  • (4) Vehicle Application Engineering
  • Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Key Disciplines:
  • (1) Communications & Transport Planning & Management
  • (2) Marine Engineering
  • (3) Port and Shipping Electric Drive and Control Engineering
  • (4) Machine Design and Theory
  • (5) Power Electronics and Electric Drive
  • In 2004, SMU got an “A” in the Undergraduate Teaching Evaluation by the Ministry of Education. In 2006, SMU was selected as a member of the College Logistics Courses Teaching Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education.

¶Staff Structure

SMU prides itself on the quality of its staff. It has a teaching and research team of more than 800 staff, among whom 114 are full professors.Over 75% teachers have master’s degree, and over 28% have doctor’s degree. 62 experts are entitled to Government Special Allowance, and about 30 experts are sponsored by Programs of Excellent Talents of Ministry of Personnel, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission.

¶International Exchange and Cooperation

Currently, SMU offers programs in cooperation with Maastricht School of Management of the Netherlands, Saint Martin’s University of the United States, Australian Maritime College, and World Maritime University of IMO. SMU has also concluded cooperation agreements with Erasmus University Rotterdam of the Netherlands, Gdynia Maritime University of Poland, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology of Japan, Kobe University of Japan, Korean Maritime University, Arab Academy for Science and Technology, California Maritime Academy of U.S.A., Liverpool John Moores University of U.K., Vietnam Maritime University. As well, SMU has set up close ties with Cardiff University, State University of New York Maritime College, and such shipping companies as NYK, Norden and V-ships.

SMU became a member of AMETIAP(Association of maritime Education and Training Institutions in Asia Pacific)since 1997, and turned to be one of its executive committee. SMU is also a member of IAMU (International Association of Maritime Universities) and HUMAP, and is listed in the executive committee of IMLA (International Maritime Lecturers Association).

The new campus of SMU is located in the developing New Harbor City, covering an area of 133 hectares. SMU will avail itself of this opportunity and strive for the goal that SMU will be built as a high-level maritime university of the world.

Address: Foreign affairs office, Shanghai Maritime University, No. 1550,
Pudong Dadao, Shanghai, China Post Code: 200135
Phone number: 86-571-88165512 Fax number: 86-571-88165698