Course characteristics

Class Selection System: Students can select their classes according to their own levels.

Small-sized Class System: The number of students in one class is less than 20 in order to offer more individualized instruction.

Positive Learning Environment: A respectful, multi-cultural setting that allows students to learn and immerse themselves in the various cultures of the world.

Diverse curriculum: Combining British and American high school curriculum, courses have include various subjects based on Chinese and English. Here students can take English courses which are easier to be transferred to their home courses, including science(Physics\chemistry)、mathematics、English language arts etc. A full spectrum of courses, such as Chinese reading, Chinese drama, Art and PE are provided to enhance student’s Chinese language learning experience. Meanwhile, our school also provides HSK preparation courses.

Combined foundation course

Aim:Our program is based on the English learning system joined with Chinese curriculum. It affords students the opportunity to learn foundational knowledge in order to continue their education when they return to their home country. Chinese Language learning is additional advantage of the program。

Language:HSK(Level 1-2),HSK(Level 3-4), HSK(Level 5-6); Cambridge English(Beginning\ Medium\Advanced)
Math:Math (taught in English or Chinese)
Science:Physics(taught in English or Chinese)、Chemistry(taught in English or Chinese)
Social science:History(taught in English or Chinese),Chinese culture(taught in Chinese)、Presentation(taught in Chinese)
Art:Chinese Art(taught in English or Chinese),PE(taught in English or Chinese),IT(taught in English or Chinese)

University Preparation Course

AimChinese university preparation courses(Taught in Chinese)Foreign university preparation courses (Taught in English)
Language:English(speaking\listening\writing\reading);High school Chinese English(speaking\listening\writing\reading);High school Chinese
Science:Math、Physics、ChemistryMath 、Physics 、Chemistry
Social science:History , GeographyEconomics, History, Geography

Short Term Course

Aim: To learn Chinese and Chinese culture within 2 to 4 weeks

Language:Chinese dialogue, Chinese handwriting, Chinese music, Chinese cultural knowledge
Art:Paper cutting, Calligraphy, Chinese knot, Chinese fan dance, Art of Chinese tea, etc
Sports:Shuttle-cock, Table tennis. Martial art, Rope skipping, Iron circle rolling, Sandy bags game
Trip:Huang Pu River, Museum(History Museum、High-tech Museum), Temple(Chenghuang Temple, Jade Buda Temple、Longhua Temple), Typical Shanghai culture(Tian Zi Fang、Qi Bao Ancient Town、Shanghai Ancient Street、Pearl Tower、Shanghai Expo Pavilion), Zoo(Wild Animal Zoo、Century Park)