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Brief Introduction to Ludong University

Ludong University, which is under the jurisdiction of Shandong Provincial Government, is located in Yantai, a beautiful seaside city in the northeast of Shandong Peninsula. As one of the first 14 coastal cities opening to the world and one of the most charming cities in China, Yantai boasts an enviable environment, a comfortable climate, a population of friendly citizens and a prosperous economy. It is not only a flourishing city in the area surrounding Bohai Sea but also an outstanding tourism city in the north of China. Authorized by the Ministry of Education in 2004, Ludong University was formed on the base of Yantai Normal University, and it will develop gradually into a comprehensive university with a complete range of disciplines, outstanding academic standards, extensive international cooperations and a promising future. Up till now, the university has established cooperative or collaborative relations with over 40 universities and institutions from more than twenty countries. The university now has over 22,000 students enrolled on campus, among whom about 300 are international students.

     Ludong University runs among the first 200 universities authorized by the Ministry of Education to recruit foreign students and since 1989, it has attracted a great number of international students to come for study due to its experienced teachers, advanced facilities and meticulous service for daily life. At present, the university offers short-term Study Programs, Language Study Programs, undergraduate programs and master's degree programs. It is an ideal place to learn Chinese and Chinese culture.


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