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Welcome to study at Northwest University , Xi'an , China .

Northwest University , founded in 1902, is the oldest institution of higher learning in Northwest China, and one of the leading comprehensive universities in China . It is also one of the key institutions of higher education listed in the construction of the State “211 Project”. The university is located in Xi'an , a famous ancient capital of China and the heart of ancient Chinese culture.

The University has 24schools and departments offering 69 undergraduate programs, 143 Master's programs, 76 doctoral programs and nine Post-doctoral programs. The University has a faculty and staff of over 2,300 members, of which more than 1,100 are full-time faculty, and nearly 600 are professors and associate professors, including 2 full-time and 8 part-time academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science. The University has a student body of over 20,000, including 5,000 doctoral and graduate students, and over 300 international students.

The University Library, with a total floor space of 15,000 square meters and more than 2.4 million volumes of books, is the largest comprehensive library in Northwest China .

The University pays attention to international exchange and cooperation. Since the start of China 's reforms and opening, the University has established cooperation and exchange relations with over 90 institutions of higher learning in the United States , Japan , Great Britain , France , Germany , Italy , Russia , Canada , Austria , Switzerland , and Hong Kong and Taiwan regions. Since 1965, the University has trained more than 5000 international students. In 1992, the University established a special entity, the College of International Cultural Exchanges (CICE), as a University-wide unit responsible for the admission of international students into various programs of study at the University. In addition, the college offers both degree and non-degree courses in the Chinese language. The Service Center at the college provides accommodation, board and services to international students. Currently, the college has about 350 students from 20 countries.

All undergraduate and graduate programs of Northwest University are open to international students. Categories of admissions include regular degree programs and non-degree programs at various levels.


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