Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications


1. Registration fee: 300 RMB per person
2. Tuition fee for Bachelor degree in Arts: 16000 RMB per person per year
3. Tuition fee for Bachelor degree in Science and Engineering: 19000 RMB per person per year
4. Chinese language learning fee: 12000 RMB per person per year
5. Accommodation fee:
1500 per person per year (in Students’ Apartments, 2 persons share one room)
2500 per person per year (in Foreign Teachers’ Apartments, single room)


1、NUPT includes two campuses: Sanpailou campus and Xianlin campus. Sanpailou campus locates in the downtown area of Nanjing City. Foreign students have classes together with Chinese students on Xianlin campus which is 20 minutes drive from Sanpailou campus.

2、Foreign students could choose to accommodate in Students’ Apartment, Foreign teachers’ Apartments on Xianlin campus, or rent apartment outside university campus.