Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications

Profile of NUPT

Founded in 1942, Nanjing University of Posts & Telecommunications (NUPT) is a multi-layer university with the well-coordinated development which takes engineering as its dominance and information disciplines as its characteristics, has multi-discipline categories namely Engineering, Science, Arts, Economics, Management and Education and covers Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Doctor’s Degree. With advanced teaching and researching facilities, NUPT is one of the few universities which have the ability to train technicians in the field of Information Technology systematically in large scale. At present, NUPT has two campuses: Xianlin Campus and Sanpailou Campus and covers 1,332,000 square meters. At present there are more than 20,000 various kinds of students. There are about 1600 staff members including 800 professional teachers and researchers. Almost 70% of the teachers have doctor’s degree or master’s degree. NUPT has more than 170 PhD supervisors and master’s supervisors. In addition, several academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and many famous scholars home and abroad are invited as honorary professors or part-time professors. NUPT has 16 colleges and departments, 13 research institutes and centers, 3 provincial key labs, 11 key labs evaluated by former Ministry of Information Industry, 3 provincial engineering centers, and 5 provincial experimental teaching model centers and construction sites.

NUPT promotes exchanges and cooperation all the time. As one of the training bases of Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT) since 1990, NUPT has hosted more than 20 training courses for trainees from 22 countries and areas. NUPT has established cooperative relationship with many universities and research institutes in U.S.A., U.K., Germany, France, Canada, Russia, Australia, Japan, Singapore as well as Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan areas. NUPT has invited many scholars abroad to visit and carry out academic exchanges, at the same time, NUPT also nominated teachers and professors to attend international conferences and do academic exchanges abroad. NUPT has carried out the joint programs for dual degrees of science and management with Queen Mary, University of London, UK and Polytechnic Institute of New York University, U.S.A. NUPT has promoted the reputation worldwide and become more internationalized through hosting international and regional conferences.

Brief Introduction on College of Overseas Education

College of Overseas Education (COE) is the teaching and administrative unit for recruiting and cultivating foreign students in NUPT. COE is in charge of recruiting, daily management, Chinese language teaching, undergraduate education, graduate education, short-term training, service for daily life and foreign affairs administration. COE has a team of teaching and management staff with suitable structure of professional titles and education background as well as abundant teaching experience

COE has standard apartments located in the campus with basic life facilities to offer good quality accommodation for foreign teachers, foreign students and visiting guests. In recent years, NUPT carries out the strategy of open development and actively widens the scope of overseas education to recruit more international students. You are warmly welcome to NUPT.