Founded in 1951, Hunan Agricultural University (HUNAU) is a key university in the province. She boasts her R&D capacity in the area of agricultural science and technology. With more than 50 years history, HUNAU has been developed harmoniously into one of the leading R&D institutions in the academic fields at agriculture, engineering, arts, science, medicine, economics, management, laws and pedagogy, etc. HUNAU was awarded Outstanding University by the Ministry of Education in undergraduate course evaluation. She also is one of the Civilized Unit in the country. More than 100,000 students graduated since she established.

More than 1,150 academic staff including 2 academician of China Engineering Academy, 192 doctoral tutors, 505 masters’ tutors, 194 professors and 471 associate professors makes it excellent. Professor Yuan Longping, the Father of Hybrid Rice in the World and an academician of China Engineering Academy, is one of the doctor tutors.

HUNAU has 20 schools and research institutes providing bachelor, master and doctor Programs with a total enrolment of 40,000 at present. HUNAU was granted to enroll overseas students in 1998.

Located to the north of Donghu Lake and the famous Liuyang river passes by the campus, HUNAU has elegant environment and fresh air with the total area of 2.27 sq. km. HUNAU has a collection of 2.04 million library units, and 143 million yuan worth of equipment.