Programs and Specialties with Distinctive Features

1.Chinese Language and Literature

Established in 1958 with a history of over 53 years, it is the provincial specialty of Chinese department, which owns two research centers, one called “Wei Yuan Research Center” and the other “Wei Yuan and South-Western Hunan Culture and History Research Base”. Chinese department is well equipped with teaching facilities and among the present 49 teachers, there are 7 professors, 20 associate professors, 7 PhD holders (3 with post-PhD) and 32 postgraduates.

Moreover, one of them is the winner of the National Distinguished Teacher Prize; one is the candidate charging provincial key course; one is the model in morals and politics; seven are youth backbone teachers and three are the first excellent social experts of Shaoyang.

So far more than 50 projects have been fulfilled (3 supported by National Social Science Foundation) and more than 30 monographs or textbooks have been published.

2. Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation

Established in 1977 and originally named the Internal Combustion Engineering and Mechanical Manufacturing in Shaoyang campus of Hunan University, it has been the national specialty program and with its relying courses of Power Engineering and Mechanical Manufacturing, enrolled on the list of Provincial Key Disciplines and later Ministerial Key Disciplines during the periods of 11th and 12th Five-Year Plan. In October, 2011, this discipline was authorized to confer master degree.

There are 63 teachers now and 9 of them are professors, 21 associate professors and 6 PhD-holders. Zen Sumin, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering is employed as its part-time professor.

Among these teachers, one enjoys special government allowance of the state council; one is the winner of the National Distinguished Teacher Prize; one is the outstanding youth expert and seven are provincial backbone teachers. With its total value of 13,506,000 yuan of the teaching facilities, the department is well equipped with more than 4,100-square-meter laboratories. Moreover, its power- mechanic laboratory is the provincial model laboratory; the mechanic training base is the excellent provincial teaching practice base and combustion engineering laboratory is one of the provincial key laboratories.

In addition, other departments with distinctive features are Food Engineering, Communication Engineering and so on.


Programs and Majors

1. Postgraduate programs

Food Engineering

Mechanic Engineering

2. Undergraduate Programs

MBBS,International Economics and Trade, Financial Engineering, Law, Chinese Language Literature, History, Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation, Vehicle Engineering, Measuring and Control Technology and Instrument, Thermal Energy and Power Engineering, Electric Engineering and Automation, Electrical and Information Engineering, Communication Engineering, Automation, Computer Science and Technology, Network Engineering, Civil engineering, Mapping Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Food Science and Technology, Bioengineering, Horticulture, Management Science, Accounting, Assets Appraisal, Human Resource Management, Tourism Management, Marketing, Environment Design, Product Design, Digital Media Arts

3.Language Proficiency Program

Chinese Language Courses