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Wuhan University of Technology (WUT), a key university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education, covers an extensive range of disciplines including engineering, natural sciences, humanities, management, economics, law, philosophy, history, education and medicine, etc. It is also one of the universities entering the State-211 Project. The total enrollment of the university is around 48,000 at all levels.

Now Wuhan University of Technology could confer 79 bachelor�s degree programs, 138 master�s degree programs, and 68 Ph.D. degree programs to international students. Among these programs, Navigation Technology, Marine Engine Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Automation, Industrial Engineering, International Economics and Trade, and International Business could accept class-formed international students taught in English for bachelor degree; MBA, Material Science and Engineering, Civil Engineering, International Trade, and Industrial Engineering could accept class-formed international students taught in English for master degree; and Material Science and Engineering, Management Science and Engineering, and Economics could accept class-formed international students taught in English for Ph.D.

WUT has established �WUT Scholarship for Outstanding International Students�, �WUT Friendship Scholarships for International Students� , and �University Postgraduate Program Scholarship� to support excellent international students to study in WUT. As for self-supported students who have difficulties in tuition payment, the university could consider to exempt part of the tuition. And the university would reward the international students who are excellent in both character and study. It also recommends international students to apply part-time jobs in campus based on their situation, so as to attract more excellent self-supported student to come. The university also provides financial support to arrange Chinese students to help the first grade undergraduates in the form of �one Chinese student helps one international student which are in the same class�, which would help freshman to adapt to the new study and living environment.

WUT has set up Center for Teaching Chinese as the Second Language, which is responsible for training students who would be taught their majors in Chinese for Chinese and Chinese words in math, physics and chemistry. The university selected two international students to participate the First CCTV Chinese Competition for International Students in China, and both of them had successfully got into the final competition, one of them whose name is SHIROUYEH BAYEGAN from Iran finally got the third of the final. And Mr. MOSTAK,AHAMED GALIB from Bangladesh who has been studying in our university for eight years got �Youth Medal of Wuhan City� in 2006 and the �Fourth Ten Outstanding Volunteers of Hubei Province� in 2008.

Until now, there are around 500 international students who have graduated from WUT, and have become mainstay in their countries or areas As for the details of disciplines and majors, please log in the website of our university ( Undergraduates need to learn their major in Chinese after one-year Chinese language study. Master and doctor students could choose their major to be taught in Chinese or English language based on their own situation, and their degree dissertation could be chosen to be written in Chinese or English.

Contact Section : International Student Office, Wuhan University of Technology

Contact Person: Mr.Cao Jianshu

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