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Whether you are interested in undergraduate or graduate education, a program leading to an international university, or a Chinese language course, I recommend that you think about the following points:

First, as we enter the twenty-first century with global commerce and communication, there is a demand for people who have both a liberal education and sharp communication skills. The new generation of communicators must understand that even with the dramatic changes in the information age, there are some communication constants: for example, how to write clearly and concisely, how to do research, and how to maintain excellence and personal integrity when others lower their standards. As communicators, we must understand that as technology brings us instantaneous news, electronic newspapers, and interactive data networks, we face an increasing speed and quantity of information. As professionals we must work harder in a high-speed, high-volume information environment to focus on quality of ideas and messages. People, not technology, are the key to quality.

Second, choose a university or college carefully. Ask yourself some basic questions. In the integrated information age, does the university offer a wide range of studies in communication, in print, electronic media? Are there experts in computers, communication theory, advertising, marketing, and public relations? You want flexibility because you may change your area of study as you learn new areas. Does the university offer, as part of the regular curriculum, internships and other on-the-job experience? Is the university located in or near a major communication market, where interface with professionals takes place routinely? Does the university offer international studies, including a semester overseas, as an option in the global information age?

Third, visit the university and talk to students and faculty members. Talk to other communication professionals about the university. It is this personal visit that is most important in helping you decide if this is the place for you. Trust your own judgment and make your own decision.

Good luck!

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