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Features of the Chinese Language Teaching in Zhengzhou University

1.Good language learning Environment
Zhengzhou University lies in Zhengzhou city, which is capital of Henan province. Henan, one of the inland provinces, locates by the Yellow River and in the center of China, namely the cradle of Chinese culture. Henan, with the long history and large population, has rich and profound culture. Comparing with other provinces in China, Henan has its advantages for the international students to enter to the local life, and provide sound language circumstance to them.
2.Professional faculties guarantee the quality of the Chinese language teaching
Zhengzhou University has rich resources of first-class professional faculty of Teaching Chinese as Foreign Language (TCFL). Especially, the center of TCFL in School of International Education, Zhengzhou University, the teachers respectively graduate from many first-class universities, such as Peking University, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Foreign Language University, Nankai University and Central China Normal University, etc., and hold the TCSOL (Teach Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages) certificate. 60% of them have the experiences of teaching Chinese overseas and work as the TCSOL teachers for a long time. Being well-experienced in TCSOL, the teachers have cultivated a large amount of international students with high-level Chinese ability.
3.Convenient transportation
Zhengzhou city, where Zhengzhou University lies in, is the transportation junction in China. It lies in the hub of Longhai railway and Jingguang railway, Jingzhu highway, lianhuo highway and national 107 highway, and directly links Beijing in the north, Guangzhou in the south, Shanghai in the east, and Xi’an in the west; Xinzheng airport, the first-class international airport locates here and many national and international air flights stop here, so it is convenient for international students to travel.
4.Study clubs for international students
Zhengzhou University has over 50,000 students, including some of them majoring of teaching Chinese as foreign language, and some foreign language, such as English, Korean, Japanese Germany and Russian, etc. There are many study groups or clubs held by different colleges, such as Chinese and foreign students club, debate club, one-to-one study groups, which benefits the international students. So they can practice oral Chinese in the activities and improve their language ability rapidly.

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