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International Prospectus
     International Prospectus
    Hebei Polytechnic University Welcomes Overseas Students I. A Survey of the University
Hebei Polytechnic University is situated in Tangshan, a rapidly developing city within Beijing, Tianjin and Bohai Bay Economic Zone. It is a comprehensive university which specializes in engineering technology, sciences as backbone and develops humanities and social science as supplements.
The current enrolment contains 18,000 students including overseas students, postgraduates, undergraduates and adult students. It has 900 teachers with about 400 professors or associate professors. More than 60% teachers have postgraduate qualifications (Master and Doctoral degrees). The university consists of 17 colleges, 1 teaching section. The university offers undergraduate courses in 46 areas and two of them are provincial key disciplines.
In recent years, many teaching achievements of the university have gained public acclaim. These achievements include: more than 40 Excellent Teaching Results Award of Hebei Province; more than 20 provincial Excellent Courses Since 2000, the university has undertaken more than 500 research projects, among which more than 32 research projects have reached international and national level, about 200 ranked foremost in the nation. The university’s researchers have gained a lot of scientific awards of all kinds. In 2004, the university has undertaken 5 projects of National Natural Science Commission, 1 national level project.
The university thinks highly of the communication with national and international organizations. The university often invites guest lecturers from other countries. Every year experts and young teachers from the university are sent to visit universities abroad. The university has actively explored various possibilities to run schools jointly and has established cooperative relationships with several foreign universities, such as the Leeds University in Britain, the Missouri University, the Tokyo University in Japan, the South Australia University, the Adelaide Secondary School of English in Australia and the Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto in Brazil. Such exchanges with educational organizations abroad highly increased the university’s quality and level of education.

II. Colleges and Schools
There are 17 colleges and schools in the university:
College of Resources and Environment
College of Material Science and Engineering
College of Metallurgy and Energy
College of Mechanical Engineering
College of Information
College of Computer and Automatic Control
College of Chemical Engineering and Biological Technology
College of Civil and Architectural Engineering
College of Transportation and Mapping
College of Economics and Management
College of Foreign Languages
College of Sciences
Graduate School
College of Physical Education
College of Continuing Education
College of Humanities and Law
College of Arts
College of Light Industry
III. Specialties
I. Postgraduate Specialties
 Engineering
Ore-processing engineering
Safety Technology and Engineering
Geological engineering
Ferrous Metallurgy
Metallurgical Physics and Chemistry
Materials Processing Engineering
Nonferrous Metallurgy
Anti-Disaster Engineering and Protecting Engineering*
Structural Engineering
Municipal Engineering
Material Studies
Mechanical Design and Theory
Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
Control Theory and Engineering
Chemical Craft
 Literature
Foreign Languages and Literature & Applied Linguistics
 Economics
Industrial Economics
II. Specialties Conferring Master of Engineering Degree
 Mining Engineering
 Metallurgical Engineering
 Materials Processing Engineering
 Civil Engineering
        Address: Foreign Affairs Department, Hebei Polytechnic University, NO.46 Xinhua West Street, Tangshan, Hebei Province, China
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