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Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Lanzhou Jiaotong University(LZJTU)(formerly Lanzhou Railway University) was established in 1958 through the combination of departments and sections from two high reputable Chinese railway institutes: the Tangshan Railway Institute (the present Southwest Jiaotong University) and the Beijing Railway Institute (the present Beijing Jiaotong University).
    In April 2003, with the approval of the Ministry of Education, the name of Lanzhou Railway University was changed to Lanzhou Jiaotong University. After 48 years of construction and development, LZJTU ranks as a comprehensive technical institution. The University has graduated more than 50,000 highly trained engineers and managers for both the railways and local transportation concerns. The campus occupies an area in excess of 1451.337 mu (0.9676 million m2) and utilizes more than 952 million yuan (US$ 117.53 million) in total assets and 528 million yuan (US$ 65.19 million) in fixed assets. Through the long course of its operation, the University has firmly established its own excellent traditions and achieved a dominant position in many technical fields.
    The University currently employs 2,355 educational professionals including 1,293 teachers. Among the teachers there are 121 full professors, 368 associate professors, 83 doctoral recipients and 576 master’s recipients. The University’s current enrollment totals over 17,000 full-time undergraduate students, 1,800 graduate students, and more than 12,000 participants in adult education courses.
    There are a total of 46 undergraduate majors, all of which are entitled to confer Bachelor’s Degrees upon completion of regular four or five years programs. Additionally, 60 majors are entitled to confer Master’s Degrees and Doctor’s Degrees are offered by 12 of these majors.
Furthermore, the Board of Directors of the university, which consists of members from over one hundred government departments and companies, was set up in 2001, signifying the establishment of a new multi-faceted education system.
    The University will contribute to the rapid economic growth and social development of Northwestern China, adding to the nation’s growth through the development of new teaching methods, excellence in scientific research and the aggressive pursuit of product development. The University’s goal is to educate talented scientists and engineers to become open-minded and innovative professionals who will be the foundation of China’s development as a preeminent scientific and engineering powerhouse.
Lanzhou Jiaotong University will recruit Chinese Government scholarship students from all of the world .
    Warmly welcome you study in Lanzhou Jiaotong University !