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     Tsinghua University is one of the most famous universities in China. Located in the northwestern suburbs of Beijing--the capital city of China, Tsinghua University was built on the site of "Tsinghua Yuan" -- a former royal garden of Qing Dynasty. When the University was established in 1911, it had the name of ��Tsinghua School". In 1928, the School became the National Tsinghua University. From then on, it has developed into a comprehensive, research-intensive university, covering sciences, engineering, humanities, law, medicine, economics, management and art. The academic development of Tsinghua is characterized by the integration and interaction of the following styles: the rigorous, scientific approach in engineering, seeking evidence and truth in science, the rich and profound spirit of humanities accumulated over years, the romance and variety of arts.

     Currently, Tsinghua University consists of 13 schools (School of Architecture, School of Civil Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Sciences, School of Economics and Management, School of Public Policy & Management, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Law, School of Arts and Design, School of Applied Technology and School of Medicine) and 54 departments. It has also a Graduate School and a School of Continuing Education. The university offers 61 undergraduate programs and is authorized to confer Master��s degree in 198 specialities, PhD degree in 181 specialities.

     Tsinghua University is not only a teaching center, but also a scientific research base of national importance. At present, Tsinghua has 47 research institutes, 29 research centers (including 5 national engineering research centers), 11 state-key laboratories (accounting for one tenth of the total number in China), and 27 post-doctoral research stations. The library has a floor space of 39,000 square meters and a collection of 3,500,000 volumes. In recent years, an increasing number of electronic and digital resources have been available in the library and also on the campus network.

     Tsinghua University won the first place among the national universities on annual research funds, publications as well as research awards, making significant contribution to the national economic development and the scientific and technologic advancement.

     Tsinghua University has enjoyed high prestige for its distinguished faculties and excellent students. At present, the University has some 3,000 faculty members, among whom 1200 are full-professors. 34 are the members of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 31 are members of Chinese Academy of Engineering. Tsinghua has also invited 18 chair professor groups composed of outstanding overseas scholars. Tsinghua has a tradition of recruiting best students from all Chinese high-schools. At present the total enrollment of over 31,000 full time students includes 13,700 undergraduates, 12,800 Master's candidates and 5,100 doctoral candidates.

     Tsinghua University is always dedicated to cultivating professionals of high quality and creativity. In the past 96 years, over 100,000 students graduated from Tsinghua. Among them many have become outstanding scientists, educators, artists, experts in engineering and technology, entrepreneurs and senior officials in the government. They have made great contribution to the development of China.

Tsinghua University has developed cooperative relationship with many overseas universities, research institutes and multinational companies in the forms of visiting, lecturing, student exchange, joint-research and setting up joint research centers, which help improve the quality of teaching and research at Tsinghua. Now Tsinghua is making great efforts toward its goal of becoming a world-class university.

     Tsinghua University is open to international students as well. In autumn of 2007, over 2,200 international students are enrolled in Tsinghua University. They are from 85 countries and majored in science and technology, humanities, economics, management, law, arts and other areas.

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