Tuition and Other Related Fees

Fees Rate


Fees, including tuition fees and accommodation fees, are calculated according to the fees rate approved by the Beijing National Day School.

Payment of Fees


It is the responsibility of students to make their payments by the due dates, and then sign up for their residences.

Refund of Fees


1. Under the regulations of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, students who transfer or withdraw from the school during the first month of the school year will be refunded 4/5 of tuition fees (not including the registration fee, insurance fees and material fees); no refund will be given in any other cases. Accommodation fees will be refunded and calculated on a weekly basis.

2. If a student has been approved of suspension of study by the school, the tuition fees cannot be refunded for the suspension period. If the application for suspension is approved by the school within the first month of school, the paid tuition fees can be transferred to the session when the student returns to school. If the application is approved after the first month of school, the tuition fees may not be transferred to another session.