1. Degree Programs (taught in Chinese)

We offer 56 doctoral, 79 master’s and 32 bachelor’s programs covering a wide range of disciplines related to finance, economics, management, insurance, taxation, accounting, statistics, language, IT, etc. Students are encouraged to visit our website or contact us directly for a more detailed program list.

2. Degree Programs (taught in English)

From September 2010 onwards, SWUFE has been providing an English-instructed Bachelor program with majors in Accounting, Finance, Economics, and Business Administration etc. Candidates applying for this program can enroll without any Chinese language foundation. SWUFE is now also providing English-instructed programs at the master’s and PHD levels.

3.Dual Degree Programs (taught in English)

SWUFE offers several dual degree programs at the bachelor’s and master’s levels operated mutually by SWUFE and our partner universities. Students participating in these programs will be educated both inside and outside China, and will thus be awarded two degrees.

4. Chinese Training Programs

SWUFE provides one of, if not the very best, Chinese training programs in Sichuan Province. Highly qualified teachers and office staff are always ready to serve. Small-class teaching, free 1-on-1 tutoring, internet-ready dormitory rooms equipped with air-conditioners and ensuite bathrooms, moderate prices, and a convenient location situated in close proximity to Carrefour and Metro supermarkets enhance your chance of succeeding here.