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  Course Arrangement  

ⅰ.Training classes
The students, classified into junior, middle, and senior three levels starting from the zero level and six types classes according to their Chinese level, are taught in the small classes. There are 18 to 20 class hours for students to learn Chinese language and culture every week, and students are trained in aspects of listening, speaking, reading, writing and translating. Completing the course and passing exams, students will be awarded the certificate of completion.
1.Junior Classes
①Junior 1 (Zero-level)
A:(For the students from the countries using the language similar to Chinese Characters) Chinese Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening
B:(For the students from the countries using the spelling languages) Chinese Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening and Characters Writing.
②Junior 2
Chinese Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening
③Junior 3
Chinese Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Reading
2.Middle Classes
①Middle 1:Chinese Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Chinese Listening, Chinese Reading,Audio-visual Chinese, and Tour Study in China(the selected course).
②Middle 2:Chinese Intensive Reading, Oral Chinese, Audio-visual Chinese, Chinese News Listening, Survey of China (the selected course).
3.Senior Classes:Chinese Intensive Reading, Journal Reading, News Listening, Topic Conversation, Writing for Practical Purposes, Trade Writing, Business Chines.
Except the courses listed above, the seminars and selected courses and culture experience activities are available every semester. Among them the seminars include History of China, Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy, and Chinese Character Information Processing and Selective Courses include Paper Cutting, Cooking, Kungfu, Traditional Chinese Painting or Writing and Opera or Folk Arts. Culture experience activities include one-day tour of Henan Museum and Zhengzhou East District, one-day tour of Huanghe River Scenic Area, one-day tour of Shaolin Temple, one-day tour of Kaifeng or Luoyang or Anyang Yin Dynasty Ruins, and one-day tour of Yuntai Mountain or Shiren Mountain or Baligou Mountain and Taihao cemetery park.
The courses for the undergraduates mainly focus on Chinese language, Chinese literature and arts, including the primary, middle and advanced Chinese classes, basic skills of Chinese listening, speaking, reading, writing, Journal Reading and Translating, and History of China, History of Literature, Philosophy, History of Arts, Geography, and Economics, etc.
1.Chinese Language Direction
Training Purpose:① Know basic theory and knowledge of Chinese well;②Posses the steady ability of Chinese language and communication;③Know basic Chinese general knowledge and social customs;④Cultivate initial Chinese research and practical working ability, after graduation students are qualified in doing diplomacy, international exchange, Chinese teaching or secretary, etc.
Major Courses:Advanced Chinese, Advanced Speaking, Chinese Writing, Chinese Topics, Modern Chinese Vocabulary, Modern Chinese Grammar, Modern Chinese Rhetoric and Ancient Chinese.
2.Business Chinese Direction
Training Purpose:①Have solid Chinese communication ability;②Know basic economics and international trade theory well and can carry on economic activities in Chinese;③Be familiar with Chinese economic situation and has basic understanding of Chinese economic administration policies , principles and laws in China as a whole;④Grasp the basic methods of collecting, classifying economic information and analyzing economic phenomenon in Chinese, and be qualified in doing international trades.
Major Courses:Economy and Society in China, Talks over Trade, Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, International Trade Practice, Business Oral English, Economy Guidance, Survey of World Economy, International Trade in China, History of Economy in New China, Contemporary Economy in China, Economic Research.
3.Shaolin Kungfu International Exchange Direction
Training Purpose:①Have solid Chinese language communication ability;②know the historic and cultural knowledge of Shaolin Kungfu;③Master the whole theory of Shaolin martial arts and some representative martial skills, and be qualified to promote Shaolin Kungfu and its international exchange.
Major Courses:Language course, Chinese for Martial Arts, International Exchange History of Chinese Martial Arts, Collected Biographies of Shaolin Kungfu Celebrities, Brief History of Chinese Martial Arts.
ⅲ.Postgraduate (MTCSOL)
Training Purpose:In order to adapt to the international promoting of Chinese, this program will foster the practical and professional specialists qualified in using Chinese as second language to teach.
Major Courses:Chinese Basic Knowledge, Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing, Teaching Method of Using Chinese as 2nd Language, Research on 2nd Language Learning, Study on Chinese Language, Chinese Culture and Cross-cultural Communication, Skills and Design of Chinese Teaching, Case Study of Chinese Language Classes, Testing and Evaluation of Chinese Teaching, Chinese Cultural Skills and Demonstration.

  Semester Arrangement  

Spring semester starts from March and ends in July of the same year.
Autumn semester starts from September and ends in January of the next year. (Exact date depends on the University’s annual calendar)

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