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         How to Apply ?

Admission Qualification




Chinese language courses

No special requirements

3 months/half a year /1 year

Wushu courses

With senior high school diploma and HSK certificate of level 3 or above

 Half a year/1 year


With senior high school diploma and HSK certificate of level 4 or above

4 years


With senior high school diploma and without Chinese knowledge

1 or 2 years


With Bachelor degree and HSK certificate of level 6 or above

2 or 3 years

When and How to Apply

  1. When to apply: Application is accepted at any time of the year.  School open date: Spring semester begins around the beginning of March. Fall semester begins at the beginning of September.
  2. Ask for the application form and necessary materials from the International Students Office of CQUPT.
  3. The applicant should deliver the following materials:
  4.  The completed “CQUPT Application Form for International students” with photos;
  5.  Diploma, Degree Certificate and school transcripts (copies or notarized statement in English);
  6.  Two recommendation letters from two experts (with a title of associate professor or above) for the

master degree programs:

  •  One photocopy of the valid passport.
  • Applicant who meets the admission requirements will receive the Admission Notice issued by CQUPT and a Visa Application Form (JW202) issued by National Education Ministry of the P.R. China.
  • The applicant goes to the nearest Chinese Embassy for an entry visa(x) with the Admission Notice and the Visa Application Form (JW202).
  • Students should register at CQUPT International Students Office within the fixed dates, with the Admission Notice, 6 passport-sized photos and 4 1-inch photos will be required.


TEL: +86-571-88165512 FAX: +86-571-88165698
Contact Person: Mr. Zhang Xu,   Ms Zhang Mulan