Studying at Zhejiang Business Technology Institute

Zhejiang Business Technology Institute is a public higher vocational institute and it lies in the port city of China Ningbo. It has 5 schools in the institute and over 9000 full-time students.

ZBTI invests to ensure that students have access to the best possible education and training facilities available.

Courses offered at ZBTI are especially suited to those interested in Chinese language or other practical education with different majors. We provide a pathway to allow students to progress their studies from cerficicate to diploma.

ZBTI Language Center

Chinese Language Program

ZBTI offers a range of Chinese Language programs from basic Chinese to more specialised programs. Our Chinese language courses are intensive and focus on preparing students for vocational and universtiy level studies and specific language tests such as HSK.

Vocational Education

Certificate Programs

It’s suitable for both short-term students and long-term students. Students can participate in some courses which they are interested in. Certificate courses are a practical alternative to the more academic foundation courses.

Diploma Programs

Diploma courses are one and half years study. It usually provides credit amounting to one and half years in a university degree course on condition that the student continues to study in the same field.

Higher Education

We provide students with entry to university with guaranteed advanced standing(or credit) of one and a half years towards a bachelor degree. Students complete the first part of the course at ZBTI and then transfer to the partner university to complete the degree. Such as Holmeslgen, University of Canberra, Charles Sturt University, etc.

Tuition Fees

1.Language Program Students: 12000RMB/Year

2.Diploma Program Students: 15000RMB/Year

The details of program refers to Programs.

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