Life Guide

Living on Campus

Zhejiang Business Technology Institute provides overseas students accommodation on campus. There are also food and drink at school canteens. The supermakets opens until evening where students can buy daiy necessities. The laundry room and a small hair saloon are just close to dormitory building. All students should obey the management of the domitory manager.

Accommodation and Living Expenses

Students living on campus should pay for housing promptly.

Room tariffs are:

Double Room
1Long-term student2400RMB/year (electricity and water unincluded)
2Shout-term student240RMB/Month (electricity and water unincluded)

A refundable accommodation deposit will be charged before check-in.

On-campus Dining

There are two student dining halls respectively located on campus, One is in the south of the campus, and the other is in the north of the campus. Before having meals there, you need to buy a pre-paid Meal Card from the north dinning hall.

It is estimated daily expenses for decent meals will be from 8 RMB yuan to 20 RMB yuan.

Postal Service

Students residing on campus will receive your mail and parcel at the Receiving and Despatching Office which is at the front gate of school.

Your Address: please inform your family & friends to address mail to you in the following format:


Your Name

Your Dorm Room Number

Zhejiang Business Technology Institute

No. 1988 Airport Road, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315012, P.R. China

Business Hours: 8:00-17:00

Express delivery service is easily available in Ningbo.  Here is some information:

China Post EMS

Hotline: 11185


Hotline: 800-810-8000


Hotline:  800-988-1888(regular phone, free of charge)

400-886-1888 (mobile phone, no long distance fee)


Hotline: 800-820-868

Sf express


Health & Insurance

Students need to have insurance when they are recruited by the school. including accident medical insurance, hospitalization expenses, accident deformity, death insurance, etc. Students shall pay for insurance by themselves.

In order to protect your insurance interests, please take good care of all the documents, receipts, papers, etc involved. When making a medical insurance claim, students shall provide complete documents, including photocopy of the passport, certificate of doctor’s diagnosis or certificate of accident, medical record, all the medical examination reports, receipt of medicine expenses, list of medical examination items, list of medicines, receipt of hospitalization expenses and hospital discharge certificate, etc.

There is a hospital on campus which is only for school staff and students.

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