Campus Life

International Sales and Marketing Management

Education Objective

 The objective of the program is to qualify the student to independently perform work functions of analysing, planning and implementing solutions widely related to marketing in national and international commercial, production and service companies.

 The Bachelor Graduate in International sales and Marketing Management will be able to combine financial, legal, organisational, cultural, social and technological knowledge in connection with marketing in a global market.

Furthermore, the graduate will be able to participate in cooperation with people having various educational, language and cultural backgrounds.


Students will be awarded the Graduation Certificate in Marketing Management and Bachelor Degree in Management by Wenzhou University after they complete the required studies successfully and passed the examinations. Niels Brock Copenhagen Business College, Denmark will award a Professional Bachelor Degree in International Sales & Marketing Management to Students who fulfill the academic and other requirements.

Main Courses

Practice Courses

 Chinese culture experience:

Experience activities of “Cultural Street”

Visit Wenzhou Museum

Visit Wenzhou Folk Museum

Visit Wenzhou University Museum

Visit Wenzhou Hair Embroidery

Visit Wenzhou’s natural scenery of the humanities

Visit one of China’s famous historic and cultural cities

 Trade research:

Visit WZU Pioneer Park

Visit the pillar enterprises in Wenzhou

Visit Yiwu International Commodity City

 Cognitive Practice of Marketing

 Project Work

 Enterprise Business Practices

 Graduation Practice


Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening and Speaking, Business Chinese, Business Chinese Writing

Chinese Culture

Survey of China, Chinese Kung Fu, Chinese Traditional Music, Chinese Culture and Practice (Chinese Painting, Paper-cut, Calligraphy, Weave)

Discipline Basic Courses

Business English, Economics, Accounting, Statistics, Computer, Management

Professional Core Courses

Marketing, Intercultural Relations & Study Techniques, International Marketing and Sales, Microeconomics and Project Management, Communication, Organization and Management, Company Analysis, Business Law, Investment and Finance, Descriptive Economics and Trade Theory, E-commerce, Market research, International Finance, Consumer behavior, Strategic Marketing, Sales and Negotiation, Budgeting and Optimising Parameters, Sales and Project Management, International Economics, International Trade Correspondence, Organizational Development, etc.

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