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Regulation on Freshmen Scholarship for International Students, College of International Cooperation, Wenzhou University

ArticleⅠIn order to encourage the studies and research of the international students studying at Wenzhou University, is hereby established the “Freshmen Scholarships for the International Students of Wenzhou University”.

ArticleⅡ Candidates

1. Students who respect the laws, and regulations of the government of the People’s Republic of China and Wenzhou University;

2. Students who actively apply for the courses of Wenzhou University;

3. The academic duration is more than one semester.

ArticleⅢ Award and Amount:

Scholarship Number Amount
Full scholarship 2 ¥6000
Half scholarship 5 ¥3000
Partial scholarship 10 ¥1000

ArticleⅣ Scholarship Evaluation and Confirmation

1. It depends on the issue date of the remittance slip to determine the list;

2. Students, who obtain the scholarship, should register and pay tuition fee on time, or they are regarded as giving up the scholarship voluntarily. Students must not quit school without reasons in the awarding the scholarship, or the scholarship will be cancelled.

ArticleⅤ Application Materials

1. Freshmen Scholarship Application Form for International Student by Wenzhou University;

2. The remittance slips of paid application fee;

3. Other certificates or documents can testify the excellence of the candidates.

ArticleⅥ Others

The measurement comes into effect on September 1, 2009. Final interpretation of these regulations is a right reserved by the College of International Cooperation of Wenzhou University.

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