Campus Life


In International House, there are public living room with sofa and tea table, kitchen with a microwave oven, coin operated auto washing machine. Each twin-room is equipped with:

● bathroom (with shower)

● central air conditioner

● TV set

● refrigerator

● telephone

● desk with shelf

● two beds

● wardrobe

● Internet service (35yuan per month)

Type of room Long-term Short-term
Room fee double room: ¥4000 / bed per semester
(double fee for one person to live alone)
double room: ¥35 / bed per day
ater & Electricity Expenses Independent, ¥80/person per month

Note: i. The duration of summer holiday and winter holiday, the students who want to stay at school need to pay the extra accommodation fees.

ii. International students can rent houses off campus with Registration Form for Temporary Residence from the local police station.

iii. All cafeterias and restaurants on campus are available to international students.

WZU has 5 student cafeterias and some restaurants with local flavors, catering to different tastes of all Chinese and international students. The actual meal fare depends on personal demands, about ¥25 per day.


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