NBUT-TROY Dual Degree 2+2 Programs

It is a four-year undergraduate education program cooperatively set up by Ningbo University of Technology and Troy University, USA in 2013. Students enrolled in NBUT who have joined in the 2+2 program should complete their first and second two years studying at NBUT, after taking all required courses and earning a grade of C or better, they can apply for and be accepted to appropriated majors in Troy University for the next two years to finish undergraduate curriculum so as to qualify for the bachelor’s degrees awarded by both NBUT and TROY.

Transferring Credits

Among the credits earned by students in the former two years at NBUT, TROY shall recognize and transfer about 60 credits toward the total 120 credits qualified for a TROY degree. Thus students will have to complete about 60 credits of courses in their third and fourth year at TROY. Upon their successful completion of the required credits at TROY, students can be granted degrees from NBUT and TROY.

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