Ningbo University of Technology (NBUT)

Ningbo University of Technology, founded in 1983, is a full-time undergraduate university run by Ningbo Municipal Government. Consisting of Cuibai Campus, Fenghua Campus, Youngor Campus and Hangzhou Bay Campus, the University covers a total area of approx. 374,992 square meters. It has 12 schools with 39 bachelor degree programs. The university boasts 1094 qualified faculties including 68 full professors and 224 associate professors, among whom 259 hold doctor’s degree. There are more than 13,200 full-time students and library stores in total 1.32 million books.

The University gives top priority to discipline construction and adheres to the principle of mainly developing engineering specialties while stressing multi-disciplinary coordinated development. In 2010, the University was selected into “outstanding engineering cultivation project” by the Ministry of Education, among which computer science and technology, electronic and information engineering, machinery design & manufacturing and automation, civil engineering, material processing and control are listed as trial specialties of the “Project”.

Extensive international cooperation has been established to absorb foreign advanced experience and bring into full play the foreign-oriented operational features. In 1984, a partnership was reached with Aachen University of Applied Sciences, making the University one of the four Sino-German cooperated universities nationwide. In 2011, Ningbo University of Technology and Delaware State University, USA, had cooperatively set up English-taught Dual Degree Accounting Program, which promoted the university’s international standard to a high level. Besides, educational cooperation has been set up with universities in UK, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, Canada, etc. The university is equipped with qualified faculty who are experienced in international student management. Our faculty members will take care of every international student studying in Ningbo University of Technology.

Ningbo University of Technology
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