Tuition and Fees

1. Registrationfee:400 (RMB)

2. Tuition fees for degree programs

Types Cost
Developed country students ¥12,000 (RMB)peryear
Developing country students ¥9,000 (RMB)peryear

3. Tuition fees for non-degreeprogram:Depends

4. Housing

Types Cost
Room with 4 beds (With solar heater) ¥1200(RMB)per year
Room with 6 beds (With solar heater) ¥800(RMB)per year
Room with 8 beds (Without solar heater) ¥450(RMB)per year
Campus Hotel room ¥100(RMB)per day

5. Medical Insurance (Mandatory)

Types Cost
Insurance fee (6 months) ¥300(RMB)
Insurance fee (12 months) ¥600(RMB)

6. Other fees*

Types Cost
Meals(perday) ¥30 (RMB)
Water&electricity(monthly) ¥50 (RMB)
Textbooks(peryear) ¥200 (RMB)
Experiment,fieldstudy, travel,etc. TBD

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