Year Founded: 1923

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Level: Ordinary

Location: Hainan

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International students have the following options of study at Hainan College of Software Technology:

1. Long-term program

A. Chinese Language

Elementary Chinese Program: Designed for beginning learners with little or no Chinese learning experience. The program provides systematic training in Chinese pronunciation and intonation, basic Chinese words and phrases. The training enables the learners to have a mastery of basic speaking ability to live in Chinese speaking environments.

Intermediate Chinese Program: Designed for those with some Chinese learning experience and limited speaking competence and wishing to improve mandarin Chinese. The program provides a systematic training in pronunciation and intonation improvement, and a volume of 1200-2000 Chinese words. The training enables the learners to have a mastery of Chinese communicative ability and discourse interpretation ability to live, work and study in Chinese speaking environments with an intermediate Chinese linguistic level.

Advanced Chinese Program: Designed for those wishing to enlarge their vocabulary of Chinese characters and enrich the overall linguistic ability in order to communicate fluently and appropriately in Chinese speaking environments. The program provides systematic training in pronunciation and intonation improvement. This training enables learners to express themselves fluently and appropriately in academic or professional areas at normal speed, with an advanced Chinese linguistic level.

Compulsory Courses offered: You will attend 9 classes for a total of 18 hours per week. The compulsory courses include Pronunciation, Speaking, Listening, Reading and Integrated Chinese.

We also welcome the colleges to send the exchange students to us.

B. Chinese Culinary Arts

This course introduces Chinese dishes and related cultural knowledge. Its main objective is to cultivate culinary professionals. It offers both theoretical courses and practical training. The course allows students to learn professional knowledge and learn the skills from experienced Chefs. The professional skills are mastered through hands-on trainings in our campus’ cooking lab and through weekly sessions at a local hospitality establishment.

In the first semester you will learn some basic skills and techniques of Chinese cooking, and some simple Chinese dishes; The second semester will be built on the skills gained previously and will prepare you to work as a cook or chef at a Chinese restaurant in your home country.

Compulsory Courses offered:You will attend 9 classes for a total of 18 hours per week. The compulsory courses include Chinese Culinary Arts, Famous Chinese Dish Making, Chinese Pastry Making, Food Sculpture and Cold Dish, Food Treatment Science, Chinese Tea Arts, Banquet and Menu Design, etc.

We also welcome the colleges to send the exchange students to us.

C. Tourism & Leisure Management

This course focuses on the famous tourist attractions in China and offer related knowledge. It will prepare you to join the diverse and exciting travel and tourism industry. In the process of learning, some of the Chinese sentence used in the travel process can be grasped.

At the competition of this program, you will have required knowledge to bring groups to China as their tour guide if you have right visa.

Compulsory Courses offered:You will attend 9 classes for a total of 18 hours per week. The compulsory courses include Fundamentals of Travel, Tour Guiding Skills, and Mandarin for Tourism, Travel Destinations, Trends in Tourism, Travel & Tourism Law, Tour Planning and Design, International Tourism Development, Travel Products and Administration, Travel Industry Automation etc.

We also welcome the colleges to send the exchange students to us.

D. Hotel Management

The Hotel Management Program is to teach students the basic theory of hotel management and hotel operations, including the required specialized technology. The program also includes the study of Chinese cultures and Mandarin in order for graduates to have a mastery of basic communicative ability to work in Chinese speaking environments and be able to adapt to the international tourism industry. Upon graduation, the students will have the opportunity to work in the field of hotel management.

Compulsory Courses offered:You will attend 9 classes for a total of 18 hours per week. The compulsory courses include Modern Hotel Management, Hotel Service, Hotel Marketing, Hotel Human Resources Management, Hotel Finance Management, Property Management, Mandarin for hotel management, Chinese culture etc.

We also welcome the colleges to send the exchange students to us.

2. Short-term program

A. Short Term Chinese Training Program

The program lasts between one and six weeks or will be scheduled according to learners’ requirements. The language training is arranged in the morning for compulsory courses and selective courses or activities in the afternoon. Local trips or sightseeing are arranged at weekends.

B.Intensive Chinese Program

It is offered for foreigners in Hainan who wish to have a mastery of basic Chinese speaking ability. The program lasts for 8 weeks or will be scheduled according to learners’ requirements. The program offers a systematic training in Chinese pronunciation, speaking and listening. The training aims at mastery of 1000 general words and phrases for daily conversation.

Elective Courses offered:In addition to compulsory courses, students of each program may also select 2 elective courses from the following: Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Music, Chinese Painting, Chinese Culinary Arts & Techniques, Chinese Alcoholic Beverage Culture, Chinese Tea Culture Appreciation, Tour Planning and Route Design, and Hainan Folk Dancing.

Features:1. Class size for Chinese language learning is controlled at a maximum of 12 students.

2. If necessary, organized trips or tours could be arranged to experience Chinese culture and historical heritages on weekends or holidays. The trips will be charged accordingly.

3. Other Programs

The Winter Camp Program:The Winter Camp Program is offered for foreign groups who are interested in Chinese culture and want to enjoy pleasant tropical climate and scenery.

The Paid Internship Program:The Paid Internship Program will be provided for the international students who wish to have internships in Hainan when they study at our college. This is a great opportunity to gain working experience and build your worldwide network.

The Winter Camp Program and the Paid Internship Program can both be customized to meet your needs.


Hainan Island is situated in the South China Sea and enjoys a year-round sub-tropical climate. Summer temperatures average 25-30°C, with winter averaging 15-20°C. As a resort island, Hainan has no heavy industry, only moderate traffic, and no air pollution.

Hainan College of Software Technology (HNCST) is a full-time public college of higher professional education. The history of the college can be traced back to the year of 1923, which was Qionghai Teachers’ School. The college is located in the center of Qionghai, a small city near the coastal town of Bo’Ao (permanent site of the Bo’Ao Forum for Asia) and a famous hometown of overseas Chinese.

The college consists of 10 faculties, namely Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Information Management, Digital Design, Electronic Engineering,Arts & Media, Foreign Languages & Tourism, Basic Education, Social Sciences and Sports.

The college has been well received by all circles in the society for its high-quality talent training and good reputation. It has been honored as a “Hainan Graduate Employment Excellent Unit” for eight years in a row,and has been recognized as “National Civilization Unit,” “National Arts Education Advanced Enterprise,” a pilot unit of the “Chinese National Education Information Rationalization Scheme,” “National Advanced College in Science and Research,” “Hainan Model Training Base for High-Tech Industry Talent,” and“Hainan Advanced College of Innovative Talent Training”.

As a foreign student studying Chinese, you will benefit from small class size and experienced language instructors. In addition to core Chinese classes, you may enroll in electives such as tai chi, culture, calligraphy, music and painting.

Two students will share a furnished bedroom including basic furniture and electrical household appliances, or an apartment including living room, bathroom, balcony, and kitchen. TV, air-conditioner and internet access are provided.

Qionghai is a pleasant city with a relaxed atmosphere. As one of the Top Tourist Cities in China, there are many travel spots in or near Qionghai, such as Wanquan River, Baishi Mountain, Guantang Hot Spring Valley, Red Detachment of Women Memorial Garden, Bo’Ao Aquapolis, Bo’Ao Oriental Culture Garden and the Conference Center for Bo’Ao Forum for Asia. On the weekend, you may enjoy swimming at the beach, relaxing in nearby hot springs, hiking, or cycling through coconut groves and pineapple plantations.

The east ring railway provides high-speed rail service to Haikou, capital of Hainan Province, in one hour. The resorts and beaches of Sanya are only 70 minutes away, and Meilan International Airport can be reached in only 45 minutes.

Welcome to study at Hainan College of Software Technology!


Application fee: $75 (USD). This fee is non-refundable.

Accommodation fee: 600 Yuan (CNY)/month, excluding utilities and 800 Yuan (CNY), including utilities. (2-bed student dormitory on campus with a bathroom; with basic bedding, color TV, Internet access, air conditioner, water heater, desks and other basic furniture. )

Tuition fee:

Types Tuition Per Head (CNY) Number of students Notes
Long-term Programs Chinese Language Learning ¥6,000/semester
¥10,000/ academic year
3-12 Trips will be arranged at weekends or during the vacations to experience Chinese Culture and historical heritage. The cost for trips is extra.
Chinese Culinary Art
Tourism & Leisure Management
Hotel Management
Short-Term Programs Short-Term Chinese Training Program ¥600/week
¥2,100/4 weeks
Intensive Chinese Program ¥5,600/12 weeks

Note: There are about 18 weeks in a semester and you will have 18 class hours a week.

Internet fee: 59 Yuan (CNY) per month (paid to service provider)

Insurance fee: 600-800 Yuan (CNY) per year, varies by policy type. Insurance is REQUIRED for students planning to study for more than 180 days, but recommended (purchased here, OR travelers’ insurance purchased in your home country) for short term students.

Health check fee: 300 Yuan (CNY). Only required for students planning to study for more than 180 days.

Residence permit fee:Charged by the Office of Public Security. It varies according to the different validity period of residence permit you apply for.



The “Hainan Provincial Government International Students Scholarship” was established in order to encourage international students to study at our college. Students who intend to study at our college for one full academic year may be eligible to receive up to 15,000 Yuan (CNY).

The HNCST Scholarship was created in order to encourage international students to study at our college. Students who plan to attend classes for a minimum of one semester may be eligible to receive up to 7,500 Yuan (CNY).

Two scholarships may not be received concurrently. Contact our office for more information.


How to Apply

1. Download an “Application Form for International Students” from our website;

2. Email your completed Application Form along with a copy of your passport ID page, a digital passport photo, a copy of your highest educational diploma, and your resume (in Word format).

3. Send a US$75 non-refundable deposit by Western Union. Contact us for account details.

4. To inquire about the progress of your college application, please contact us by email.

5. After the College receives and verifies your materials, we will send you a Letter of Admission and a Form JW202 by express mail. With the Form JW202, the letter of Admission, your passport and Physical Examination Record (when necessary), you can go to the nearest Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country to apply for the appropriate visa.

Students planning to study for 180 days or less will apply for an X2 VISA. Students planning to study for more than 180 days must apply for an X1 VISA.

Note: In the case of an X1 VISA, you “may” be required to have a health examination in order to apply. Contact your nearest embassy or consulate for confirmation. Download “Physical Examination Record for Foreigner” and go to a hospital or clinic to take health exam;

Regardless of whether you have a health check done before your visa is issued, you MUST complete a health check upon your arrival in China. (X1 VISA only, required for residence permit application) Cost of a health check in China is approximately 300 Yuan (CNY).

When to Apply

Semester start dates are dependent on the lunar spring festival and change every year. Contact us for exact dates. Please be on campus at least 3 days before classes begin.

Application periods:

1. Spring semester: From October to December; Start date: Late February or early March. 2. Fall semester: From March to July; Start date: Usually early September. 3. Enrollment date of short-term programs: Two months prior to class start.

There will be a winter and summer vacation every year. The summer vacation lasts 2 months, normally from the beginning of July to the end of August. The winter vacation lasts 4 to 6 weeks, normally from the beginning of January to the end of February (according to Lunar calendar).