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Jiaying University

    Jiaying University is located in Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, P. R. China. Meizhou is a historical city famous as "the home of culture, of football and of overseas Chinese" and "the Capital of the Hakkas". Jiaying University is an institution of higher learning offering wide range of majors at undergraduate level. It was established 96 years ago and was the first university operated by the local authority in Guangdong Province in the 20th century. Jiaying University enjoys a quiet and beautiful environment and because of this, it was appraised by the relevant departments of the State and Guangdong Province as one of the "National 400 Best Forestation Organizations" and "Civilized Organization". Jiaying University has a strong teaching faculty and good facilities. It is one of the best local universities in Guangdong at undergraduate level. Jiaying University is famous for the home of overseas Chinese and Hakka culture. The study of Hakka Culture in this university is known by people both of home and abroad. Jiaying University actively conducts international cooperation and exchange. It has educated many International Students from nearly 20 countries, such as America, Britain, France, Indonesian, Thailand, Japan, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and Seychelles. Meanwhile, its distinguished achievement in the study of the Hakka Culture attracts many advanced visiting scholars and visiting professor from universities and research institutes of more than 10 countries and regions, such as Harvard University (U.S.A), Cambridge University (U.K.), Toronto University (Canada), Waseda University (Japan), National University of Singapore (Singapore).
    As China has entered the WTO, Jiaying University actively promotes international academic exchange and pursues all opportunities of establishing international cooperation with overseas universities. Our University spares no effort in educating International Students.
    Jiaying University aims to become "the best university for Hakkas all over the world".
    The Ministry of Education has given Jiaying University the authority to recruit international students. Jiaying University offers distinct advantages in the area of Chinese language education. There are full-time teachers teaching Chinese as a second language. These teachers are official mandarin examiners at the national level. Our International students are provided a good environment for learning, board and lodging, recreation and sports. The tuition fee and lodging expenses are inexpensive. Jiaying University could be your ideal choice to study Chinese. Our university actively recruits international students who pass the Test of Chinese Language Ability for Foreigners (HSK).

    In the In the interest of promoting cross-cultural exchanges Jiaying University also offers opportunities for foreign friends who would like to take a short-term (less than one year) course or a long-term course (more than one year) of Chinese Language learning. In addition to mandarin we also offer courses in the Hakka Dialect and Hakka Culture.

Foreign Affairs Office, Jiaying University, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, P.R. China (Postcode: 514015)
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