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Founded in 1958, Zhejiang A & F university is a comprehensive university with 53 undergraduate programs and 46 graduate programs covering eight areas namely agriculture、technology、science、literature、management、economics、law and art. It is located in the outskirt of famous tourism city Hangzhou, which is home to the world culture heritage site, West Lake. Thanks to its ideal location along the prosperous Yangtze River Delta, the university is close to well-known commercial cities like Shanghai, Yi Wu, Wenzhou and Ningbo. ZAFU has 17 faculties under its belt with international college especially engaging in international student education. As a prestigious university in Zhejiang province, ZAFU has its strength in forestry, agriculture, environment and business while highlighting its specialty in ecological endeavor, bamboo processing, tea culture, and landscape design. Consequently many strategically important labs at national level were set up at ZAFU, among them are Accredited Entity to Measure and Monitor Carbon Sink, State Engineering Technology Center, National Key Lab of Experimental Cultivation and Breeding, Provincial Innovative Centers for Science and Technology, just name a few. In the past five years, about 1,527 projects have been carried out at the university. Research funding has reached 194 million RMB, with more than 25 projects receiving national and provincial awards. Among them, Production Technology and Application of Sliced Bamboo Veneer won Second Prize for the National Technology Invention Award in 2007. In addition, ZAFU also won Second Prize for the National Technology Progress Award as a key participant in another project. Moreover, ZAFU has won First Prize for Science and Technology Awards at the provincial level for three consecutive years. Up to now, among the 2,426 academic articles published, 170 pieces have been collected by three search systems, such as SCI, EI, and ISTP.

ZAFU boasts a 1,500 strong team of staff and faculty, of which 900 are teachers, two are academicians, one is selected among the national new century talent pool, two are professors specially engaged by the provincial government, 54 are included in the 151 talent-cultivating program, 18 are discipline leading teachers among the province-wide universities, 195 are qualified to supervise graduates, more than 40 are provincial outstanding teachers, 1 is entitled as prominent teacher in term of professional ethics by the state.

ZAFU has 20,000 full-time students. ZAFU makes persistent and unswerving efforts to produce well- informed, highly-capable, well-cultivated and innovation-minded practical students. Graduates of ZAFU are well received for their diligence, devotion and capability. The first employment rate of undergraduate students is always more than 90% and in the forefront of Zhejiang universities. In 2008, Education Ministry formally evaluated ZAFU as outstanding in term of teaching.

ZAFU has an international student population of 300 (including short-term and long –term). Besides the advanced mandarin program, the university opens 50 of its undergraduate programs to international students. Meanwhile, the university also offers tailor-making short –term program for international students to learn mandarin and experience Chinese culture as well as typical southern China culture.

At present, the university is on the way to build itself into a world famous ecological entrepreneurial university.

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