Introduction of main courses

Our school offers various courses for students to choose, such as Chinese/Mandarin strengthen courses, oral Chinese, comprehensive Chinese, HSK counseling, business Chinese course and characteristic culture courses. We have small classes,one-to-one VIP teaching,corporate training and summer campus etc. Scientific curriculum and flexible teaching time meet different needs of various groups to the greatest extent.

Semester course

Mainly at foreign students (18 to 65 years old) who have interest in learning Chinese/Mandarin. Schooling length of these courses is slack, and the content is reasonable. The learning time is 18 to 20 weeks. It begins at early March and September each year. Students who have non-zero basis will be inserted into the corresponding level of the class after testing. If necessary, we can help students to deal with X visa.


This course is suitable for short-term or long-term Chinese/Mandarin learning. There will be 2 to 5 students. It has fixed study time, step-by-step teaching content, lively teaching methods and classroom interaction between teachers and students which will make students learn more Chinese language knowledge and skills in a shorter time so that their Chinese level will increase obviously.

1. Normal classes

a. 50 minutes per lesson

b. 15 lessons a week

c. time: 9:00am - 12:00am or 14:00pm -17:00pm, Monday to Friday

d. class size: 2-5 students

e. refund within six classes

2. One-to-one lessons

It is personalized courses according to the students' interests and needs. It is suitable for the students who want to arrangement study time by themselves. According to students' Chinese/Mandarin level and learning goals, it mainly has integrated Chinese lessons, HSK test tutorial and business Chinese class. The advantage of this course is its flexible class form and highly targeted. The course content and schedule as well as learning time can be adjusted at any time according to the needs of students.

a. class arrangement according to students’ certain time

b. free Demo (half an hour)

C. one-to-one teaching form

d. 50 minutes per lesson, two lessons each time (2 times a week)

e. students can change or cancer the fixed lessons ( 24 hours in advance)

f. refund within six classes