Sichuan University of Science and Engineering
  1. Introduction of SUSE
    Sichuan University of Science and Engineering lies in Zigong City, which has a good reputation for "Salt Capital, Hometown of Dinosaur and Lantern City". It covers an area of 2005 mu, and possesses 3 school zones that are respectively called Huidong, Yingpan and Dengguan. On the campus there are plenty of green, shady trees and the natural environment is very beautiful. At present, the staff of the university amounts to 1651, including 1059 full-time teachers. Among them, there are 62 professors, more than 333 associate professors, 177 masters and doctors and over 40 teachers who have ever been abroad. There are about 25000 students of full-time schooling system, 10000 students of adult schooling system, 8 branches of disciplines and more than 60 specialities, among which 50 specialities possess the qualification to grant the title of bachelors, and 5 specialities have the authority to grant the title of masters. The university has good conditions for running school. The total asset of teaching instruments and devices adds up to 70 million Yuan. The library houses 1.2875 million books. And it also holds advanced teaching aids and facilities. The University performs open-policy to run school and attaches importance to exchange with foreign countries. It has set up cooperation with America, Britain, France, Japan and Russia. It maintains good relationship with the famous colleges and universities, research institutes and academies at home. Some well-known experts and scholars have been invited to the University to give lectures or grant directions. And some teachers and scholars in this University have been sent abroad to study and lecture. The University has over 20 big enterprises and a lot of middle schools within the province as its practicing bases. Our graduates are warmly accepted by all walks of life in the society.

  2. Enrollment:
    Ordinary Classes: Offering more detailed courses for study of Chinese Language and Culture. 3-6 months are needed to finish the courses.
    Short-term Classes: To meet the needs of those foreigners who intend to have their electives or learn something about Chinese language and/or culture, we offer them short-term classes (ranging from 4-12 weeks) like Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Kongfu and Chinese Language. University students or personnel from any institutions and organizations are all welcome. The training specialty, time and duration can be discussed through direct contact with the International Cooperation and Exchange Office, Sichuan University of Science and Engineering.

  3. Tuition & Expenses:
    Chinese language:USD300-400 / 4weeks, depending on the numbers of students enrolled in a class.
    Chinese Culture:Contents, time and tuition will be set based on the requirement of the applicants.
    Sightseeing & tourism: Based on the demand of the applicants, we shall decide on the place, time, route and expenses.

  4. Accommodation & Food
    The overseas students can stay in dormitories on the campus of Sichuan University of Science and Engineering. A single room is USD6.5 per day, equipped with a color TV set, furniture, washroom, and air-conditioner. A double room is USD8.00 for two persons, which is similarly equipped as the single room.

    There are Students Dining Halls on campus. It is up to the overseas students to choose where to dine. Food cost about USD80 per month in average.

    Other Facilities:
    On the campus there are also a university hospital, post office, small shops, ATMs, etc. offering a variety of conveniences to students. The University is located in the downtown of Zigong with easy access to the airport (half an hour’s drive), the Coach Station and the Railway Station as well as all corners of the city.

  5. Contact Us:
    The International Cooperation and Exchange Office,
    Sichuan University of Science and Engineering,
    Zigong, Sichuan, P.R.C. 643000
    Phone / Fax: +86-571-88165512/88165698


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