Introduction to QLUT


Qilu University of Technology (QLUT) is located in Jinan, a historical and cultural city known as the City of Springs. It is adjacent to the Yellow River in the north and Mount Tai in the south, lying in the center of ancient Qi and Lu culture. The main campus, covering an area of more than 2000 acres, is located in the center of Western University Science Park in Jinan, Shandong Province, P.R.China.


QLUT is one of the earliest established public institutions of higher education in Shandong Province. It was founded in 1948, and was upgraded to university with the name “Qilu University of Technology” in 1978. In 1982, the University became the first batch of bachelor’s degree-granting units of the Country. In 1998, the University became a master’s degree-granting unit. In 2009, QLUT was authorized to grant Master of Fine Art. In 2012, QLUT became the first batch of “Featured Prestigious University Cultivating Applied Talents” in Shandong Province. Approved by the Ministry of Education, the former “Qilu University of Technology” became “Qilu University of Technology” from April 18th, 2013.


QLUT now has more than 1,400 full-time teachers, among which there are over 1,000 teachers with Doctoral or Master’s degree and more than 600 with associate professors’ or above academic title. Moreover, there are a wide array of high-level talented teachers, including Chinese Academy of Engineering or the Chinese Academy of Science, Chair Professors of “Mount Tai Scholar”, candidates of the National New Century Millions of Talents Project, candidate of New Century Talents Project of the Ministry of Education, experts enjoying Special Allowance of the State Council, National Excellent Teachers, Shandong Young and Middle-aged experts with outstanding contribution, and Shandong Master Teachers and Outstanding teachers.


QLUT has 71 undergraduate majors, which covers Engineering, Science, Liberal Arts, Economic, Management, Law and Art including 4 National and 7 Provincial Characteristic Majors. At present, QLUT has 9 disciplinary master's degree authorization centers, 64 subject master’s degree authorization centers, 10 engineering master's degree authorization centers, 3 art master’s degree authorization center and 1 finance master’s degree authorization center.

Disciplinary Construction

QLUT adheres to the principle of “Disciplinary Leading” and has established a disciplinary system with national, provincial key disciplines (labs) as the backbone. Being led by disciplinary construction and relying on preponderant subjects, this system strengthens major construction and encourages scientific researches. At present, QLUT owns 1 national key lab, 11 provincial Key Labs, 1 Humanities and Social Science Research base, 9 Provincial Key Subjects and 7 Provincial Technology Development Centers.

Cultivation of Talents

Under the guidance of the school motto “Cultivating Virtue Inspiring Ambition and Respecting Science Esteeming Capability", keeping the track of combining professional education with ability oriented education, QLUT has formed its clear and fixed school characteristic and tradition and trained over 150 thousand talents in a variety of areas since its foundation.

In recent five years, our students have achieved outstanding performances in many activities, including the “Challenge Cup” Extracurricular Science and Technology Competition, the Competition for Planning and Setting-Up Business, Mathematical Modeling Competition, etc. Moreover, they have been awarded 14 national prizes and 876 provincial prizes, ranking at the top among the universities in Shandong Province.

In 1998, three alumni from our university were chosen as the “Ten outstanding graduates in the last 20 years of reforming and opening up”. Recently, in the last four times of “Ten Most Successful Graduate Entrepreneurs” in Shandong Province and “Grass-Root Models for Employment”, 6 award winners (15% of the overall candidates)are our graduates.

Numerous outstanding engineers and thousands of entrepreneurs, who graduated from this university, especially Technology and management leaders, are leading the trend of innovation development in various areas of China. This phenomenon has even been named by the Media as “the unique Bosses-from-QLUT phenomenon”. Therefore, the university was awarded the title of “cradle of the entrepreneurs and fertile soil for engineers”.

Scientific Research

To serve the local economic construction and social development, QLUT participates and undertakes many National and Provincial Key Research Projects, including “863 Program”, “973 Program”, National Natural Science Fund, Social Science Fund, National Key Research Projects in “Eighth Five-year Plan”, “Ninth Five-year Plan”, “Tenth Five-year Plan” and “Eleventh Five-year Plan”, and a large amount of horizontal subjects cooperating with local government and enterprises. In recent years, our university has won 4 Second Prizes of National Award for Science and Technological Progress, 1 First Prizes of Shandong Provincial Award for Science and Technology Progress. Relying on preponderant subjects, our university emphasizes the conversion form research achievements to practical productivity. Many research achievements have applied widely in many industrial fields and produced economic and social benefits.

International Exchange and Cooperation

QLUT insists on the way of internationalization and open schooling. It gradually strengthens the exchange and cooperation with high-level international universities, scientific research institutes, large and medium-sized enterprises and governments. Successively established cooperation relationships with 30 universities from over 20 countries, such as UK, the United States, Canada, South Korea, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Finland, Poland, Russia, Denmark, Iceland, Japan, India and Malaysia, the university has established a widely and deeply cooperation in several fields including Cooperative Education, Teacher Exchange, Students Exchange, Joint Doctoral-Education Program and Cooperative Research.

Featured Prestigious University

With the development of more than 60 years, insisting on implementing featured education and devoting to serve the construction of local economy and social development, QLUT has established a disciplinary group with “light industry” as a characteristic and cultivated a large number of high-qualified talents with innovative spirit and practical ability. The distinct characteristics and outstanding advantages in education have been highly recognized by all sectors of society and fully approved by superior departments in education management. Recently, QLUT has became one of the first batch of “Featured Prestigious University Cultivating Applied Talents” and the leading institution of Shandong 2011 Co-Innovation Center. In 2013, QLUT was awarded by mainstream media one of Top 10 Universities in Shandong Province with the greatest Social Reputation.

Development Objective

The development objective of QLUT is : Building QLUT into a high-level Technology University with distinct characteristics.

Qilu University of Technology, in pursuit of excellence with a pioneering spirit, is now opening her arms to welcome the equally excellent students,scholars, universities and enterprises to join us in unfolding a new and more bright future together.

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