Year Founded: 1953

Type: Public University

Level: Normal University

Location: Guangxi Province

  • Phone:(0086) 771-5620452
  • Fax: (0086) 771-5624977
  • Zip Code: 530023
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  • Address: The International Education College of Guangxi College of Education 37 Jianzheng Rd, Nanning, Guangxi China

Chinese Language Course

For short-term study: by mutual agreement;
For long-term study: Autumn semester: Sept.13rd;
Spring semester: Mar.1st


A Brief Introduction

Founded in 1953, Guangxi College of Education (GXCE), is a public college located in Nanning, the capital city of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

GXCE mainly has 6 academic departments:Chinese Literature, Mathematics & Computer Science, Law & Business, Foreign Languages, Art and Education Science. Among the staff of 360 teachers and administrators of GXCE, there are 116 who have been granted the title of professor or assistant professor.

In 2000, GXCE established a Chinese Language program for international students. Students from all over the world have enrolled in the program, including students from the United States, Canada, Brazil, Great Britain, Norway, German, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Australia, New Zealand. In addition to the classroom training, the international students also enjoy various after-class activities, such as, sports programs and field trips.

Since GXCE lies in the city center of Nanning, there are an abundance of off-campus activities, all withing a short walking distance, which students can do to enrich their college life. There are many stores, shopping malls and supermarkets providing access to a wide range of domestic and international products. Students looking for an authentic local experience, can eat at one of the nearby restaurants or food stands. In addition, the nearby parks give students a place to relax and exercise, as well as observe or participate in many traditional Chinese activities such as Tai Chi and Chinese folk dancing.

Guangxi---- A Piece of Amazing Land

Among the 51 million people living in Guangxi, there are 16 million Zhuang and 3 million people of other various minorities, making Guangxi the most populous minority region in China. The beautiful scenery of Guangxi & the colorful life of the minority communities attract millions of domestic and international visitors every year.

Nanning , the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region is a charming subtropical southern city. Famous for its nickname, the “Green City”, Nanning has won many awards, such as, UN Habitat croll of Honor Award, National Garden City Award, National Forest City Award, National Virescence City Award, and the Best Leisure City Award, to name just a few.



Duration of Study Tuition (US Dollars)
Application fee US $30
Short-term training 4 weeks US $200
1 semester US $800
Long-term training 1 academic year 800 US$ /academic year
2 academic years

Textbook fee and material fee are collected according to the list prices.

Campus Life