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Tianshui, a famous city for its long history and rich culture, is one of places where the Chinese national civilization started. Tianshui is also the birthplace of Fuxi and N�wa who were the ancestors of Chinese according to the legend tells. The research center of global Fuxi culture is in Tianshui and one of big events is the annual public memorial service held on May 13th in lunar calendar, which attracts thousands of Chinese from home and abroad to come here to worship.

Tianshui has thousands years of history. The discovery of primitive relics in Dadiwan has proved that that Chinese ancestor had lived and bred there 8000 years ago.

This ancient city is also the cradle of the first Chinese feudal empire. 221 BC, the King of Qin Kingdom developed his power and led his troops conquered the other six kingdoms and then united ancient China eventually. He was called the first emperor of Qin Dynasty. Tianshui is regarded as the fountainhead of Qin Culture, so Tianshui is called " Qin Zhou"(Zhou ---state).

Tianshui has numerous history heritages. Maiji grotto is one of the four greatest grottoes of China and is reputed as oriental sculpture museum. Through the test of years, it preserves various styles statues in different dynasties after Buddhism came into China. More than 7000 exquisite clay statues, sculptures and over 1000 sqm vivid frescos still can be found in the grotto, which is reputed as the eighth wonder of the world.

During Three kingdoms period (230-260 A.D), Tianshui was under jurisdiction of Wei Kingdom but it was also contiguous to Shu Kingdom. So a lots of historical relics left in Tianshui such as the ancient battlefields "Jieting" the castle of Qi Mountain, the tomb of Jiang wei --- one of marshal of three kingdoms and the corridor of wood gate.

Endowed with mild climate and distinguished seasons, as well as convenient transportation system and lower life expenses, Tianshui is regarded as one of ideal places for human to live in.

Tianshui Normal University Tianshui Normal University was founded in 1959, which is situated in Qinzhou district, the center of Tianshui's administration. It has 35 undergraduate programs, covering arts, science, engineering, economics, history, education and management. The university has 17000 undergraduate students, 573 full time faculties among 801 teaching staff. The international cooperation and exchange has paces fast in decades. Since 1985, the school has started to accept foreign teachers, and in 2000, the school has approved to recruit international students. Through years of struggling, TSNU has been considered as one of the best choices for working and studying in China.

    Student category
  1. Chinese language students
    The candidates for Chinese language studying would register for half year (at least one semester).the time of enrollment in February or September ,the study area will be according to the placement examination.

  2. Advanced students
    You will have two choices: General and senior. General advanced students should take up three optional major courses each semester, having with undergraduates. After passing final exams, they can be granted a completions certificate. Senior advanced students should go to department and institutes to engage in special studies of their unique fields under the instruction of professors.

  3. Visiting scholars
    Visiting scholars coming to Tianshui Normal University to do research with Chinese teachers of the school will be assisted in getting their visa at the Chinese Embassy in their native country by the department of the international cooperation and exchanges of TSNU and the officer of the department will be responsible to contact the scholars appropriate professional department after they arrive in China.

  4. Short-term students
    Short-term students interested in studying one of TSNU's specialties can join a class after acceptance by TSNU.
    Prerequisite for students & Visiting scholars
  1. All candidates who are in good health and friendly to China should be able to abide by the Chinese laws, policies and Tianshui Normal University's regulations.
  2. Age and schooling record requirements
    1. Language and general advanced students would be under 55 years old with a schooling record above senior high school. The students who will go to department to study specialties should have completed tow years of study at a college or university.
    2. Senior scholars: with a title of lecture or above but without age limitation.
    3. Undergraduates with a record of senior or high school, the age under 40 years olds.
    Procedure of application
  1. The candidates get and fill out the application form of Tianshui for International students, and then send it back to the department of international cooperation and exchanges of TSNU with
    1. application fee of $25
    2. an academic certificate and a transcript
    3. a copy of the physical examination record for foreigners with an attached photo
  2. 2. The candidates can apply for an "X" visa from the Chinese embassy or the Chinese Consulate General when they get a JW202 from and an admission notice.
    Ptactical notes
  1. Candidates have to be registered at Tianshui Normal University as soon as they arrive in china. The officers of the department of international cooperation and exchanges will help them to apply for residential permit at Gansu provincial security office within 10 days, otherwise, a fine may be imposed.
  2. Before studying, candidates have to hand in their passports, JW202 forms, health certificates with original blood tests for ADIS and Syphilis. Admission Notices and six passport-size photos to register at the international office of TSNU.
  3. Tuition fees are not refundable if candidates: a) leave school early, b) transfer to another school in the middle of the term or, c) discontinuing their schooling
Students Category Specialty Length of schooling tuition
Short-term Trainee Chinese language and literature. History, information and computer science. Education. Arts. Music. Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, etc. 4weesk 250$
8weeks 400$
12weeks 600$
16-20weeks 750$
Advanced student Chinese language and literature. History, information and computer science. Education. Arts. Music. Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, etc. A school year 1600$/year

Tuition Fee




Length of





Chinese language and literature. History, information and computer science. Education .Arts. Music. Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, etc

4 weeks


8 weeks


12 weeks


16-20 weeks




Chinese language and literature. History information and computer science. Education .Arts. Music. Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, etc


A school year



Accommodation Fee
























Meals: Cooking in flat or go to student's cafeterias or nearby restaurants. Daily expenses for meals are in the range of 2-7USD

Application Fee: 25USD Contact info

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