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I. Application Eligibility

(1) Basic conditions

1. Applicants with good moral character are expected to abide by Chinese laws and regulations,PutianUniversitydisciplines and school rules, and respectChina's social morality and customs.

2. Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens aged between 18 and 30, holding valid foreign ordinary passports, in good health, friendly toChina, and with no criminal record abroad.

3. Residents of mainlandChina,Hong Kong,MacaoandTaiwanwho have emigrated to other countries must hold valid foreign passports and nationality certificates for more than four years (including four years). In the last four years (up to April 30 of the year of admission), the actual residences abroad should be in official record for more than two years. The full nine months is accordingly calculated on a one-year basis, subject to exit and entry signatures.

(2) Other conditions

1. Language students

High school education or above (equivalent to the level of sixth grade education in middle school) is required.

2. Undergraduate students

1) High school education level and above (equivalent to the sixth grade of secondary school education level), and good high school performance as well, are required;

2) Proficiency Test (HSK) level 4 or above is required.


II. Application Time

1. Language students

Spring-term students should submit their applications before November 30, and autumn-term students before April 30.

2. Undergraduates: applications should be submitted before April 30 every year.

Note: If application is posterior to the registration deadline, please get contact with the admission teacher before submitting relevant materials.


III. Application Documents Required

1. Basic documents

(1) Application Form for foreigners wishing to study inPutianUniversity;

(2) A photocopy of valid passport;

(3) Physical Exam Record for Foreigners;

(4) Learning plan (more than 400 words);

(5) Financial Support Guarantee Statement;

(6) Certificate of No Criminal Conviction.

2. Other materials

(1) Language students: a photocopy of high school diploma;

(2) Undergraduates:

① Photocopies of high school diploma and certificate of high school performance;

② Photocopies of HSK certificates;

③Letters of recommendation ( one letter at least ).


Note: The notarization of the copies above is an obligation. In addition, the notarized English and Chinese translation versions of the above materials are both required if the materials are complete in other language than English. Documents are not to be returned after submission, so please make copies for your own reservs if needed.


IV. How to Submit

Option One: Send or fax the paper versions of the application materials to the school.

Mail Address: Academic Affairs Department, Putian University, 1133# Xueyuan St., Chengxiang District, Putian City, Fujian Province, China, 351100.
Collected by Teacher Zhang.

Tel: +86-594-2671595   Teacher Zhang (Chinese)

+86-594-2655396   Teacher Li (English)

Fax: +86-594-2671595

Option Two (on recommendation) : Send the electronic version (scanned copy) of the application materials to the mailbox ofInternationalCooperationEducationCenterPutianUniversity, with the highlight of application in the heading of the mail.

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