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1. Non-academic program (for language students): The duration of study may vary from six months to one year or two years. The academic term starts in either March or September each year and the admitted students will be classified according to the level of Chinese language. Non-academic students (or called language students) who conform to Putian University's regulations on student status and examination management will receive a certificate of study after graduation.

2. Degree program (for undergraduates): undergraduate programs generally with a duration of four years (some programs for 5 years), and the academic term starts in every September. Currently, 48 undergraduate programs at PTU are on offer for international students’ choice. Cultivation objective: To cultivate applied talents who are supposed to meet the needs of modern international society and develop in an all-round way. Language of instruction: Chinese or English language. Diploma awarded: Putian University diploma. Degree: Bachelor's degree

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