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1.Master of Economics in Finance

Objectives :This program leads to the degree of Master of Economics, majoring in Finance. With its focus on the field of applied finance, the program is designed to prepare students for international careers in finance both in private and public sectors that require solid analytical and quantitative skills. We emphasize the development of strong analytical and quantitative tools useful in a wide variety of environments. Areas of emphasis include economic modeling and forecasting and international business economics. Students in this program generally wish to prepare for careers in the financial sector, such as investment and commercial banking, asset management, financial services or consulting, or in corporate finance positions within international companies at a managerial level. The program provides an excellent preparation for the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) exams, as it is based on the CFA Candidate Body of Knowledge.

2.Master of Economics in Financial Engineering

Objectives :This program leads to the degree of Master of Economics, majoring in Financial Engineering. The program is designed to prepare students for international careers in finance that require solid analytical and quantitative skills. The program covers the fundamentals of finance, as well as advanced topics in corporate finance, financial management, and financial markets. It aims to provide students with strong technical and analytical skills in the principles and applications of finance, as well as broad finance sector knowledge, and a multicultural exposure.

3.Master of International Trade

Objectives :The Master of Economics in International Trade (MIT) program at the School of Economics is designed to give highly-qualified talent a rigorous understanding of the economics of international trade, finance, and development, with a focus on the rapidly changing role of China in this field. Successful students will gain insight into current and future trade issues and developments including China’s trade policies, as well as an understanding of economic and commercial decision making processes in China. After graduation, the participants are suitable candidates for positions in multinational companies, financial organizations, and government departments or further their advanced study towards a PhD degree in economics and economic policy.

4.Master of International Business

Objectives :This program leads to the degree of Professional Master of International Business. The program is designed to acquaint students with various issues in business and economics with an emphasis on China's rapidly evolving business environment and, to train students in the techniques required to address these issues. After graduation, participants are suitable candidates for positions in multinational companies, financial organizations, or government departments in China or around the world.

5.Master of Economics in Quantitative Economics (MQE)

Objectives :This program leads to the degree of Master of Economics, majoring in Quantitative Economics. It is designed to provide rigorous training in quantitative analysis for applications in economics and finance, after laying down a solid foundation in economic theory. Taking advantage of her excellent research group on theoretical and applied econometrics, WISE is able to offer the most extensive ranges of courses in econometrics in China. This program is ideal for highly motivated students who want to pursue PhD study in an academic institution, or aim at business or government research group in China or around the world.

6.Master of Economics in Western Economics (MWE) - Economic Theory

Objectives :This program leads to the degree of Master of Economics, majoring in Western Economics. The program is designed to equip students with advanced skills in economic theory and econometrics. The emphasis is on development of students’ analytical skills, in particular their ability to identify key questions and to use theoretical and empirical tools to answer them. A graduate from this program will be in an ideal position to pursue doctoral study or successfully contribute to the business sector or government in China or around the world.

For programs 1-6

Program duration: 2 years full-time study

Teaching language: English

Program commencement: Fall semester

Tuition fees: 90,000RMB in total (for two years)

Application fee: 400RMB

7.M.A. Economics of Globalisation and European Integration

Objectives :The Programme offers a scientifically well-founded training in the field of economics of globalisation, international trade and European economic integration. It provides a profound insight into the current scientific knowledge in this field and is supported by scientific research at the partner universities, both at these universities individually and in a network context. The Programme leads to an in-depth understanding in the following core fields: Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Macroeconomics, Open Economy Macroeconomics and International Finance, Economics of Globalisation, Economics of European Integration, and International Trade: Theory and Policy. As a master degree in economics should also include a strong quantitative component, Applied Econometrics is taught as an additional core discipline.

The Programme was established in the academic year 1994/1995 in the form of a European consortium. The partners of this consortium jointly awarded the masters degree MA Economics of International Trade and European Integration up to and including the academic year 2010-11. Till the academic year 2010-2011, it was jointly taught and organised by a consortium of seven European universities: Universiteit Antwerpen (Belgium),Università degli Studi di Bari ‘Aldo Moro’ (Italy), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), Universidad de Cantabria(Spain), Université de Lille 1 (France), Vysoká Škola Ekonomická v Praze (Prague University of Economics) (Czech Republic) and Staffordshire University (UK). From the academic year 2011-12 onwards the programme, with an updated content and a new title (MAEconomics of Globalisation and European Integration), is organised by nine universities: the previous seven (see above) plus Xiamen University (P.R. China) and Universidade de Brasília (Brazil). From the academic year 2013-14 onwards the master programme will receive Erasmus Mundus financing.

Program duration: 1 year full-time study

Teaching language:English

Program commencement:Fall semester


Welcome to the Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics (WISE) and School of Economics (SOE) at Xiamen University, located in Xiamen, a resort-like coastal city in Southeast China. WISE is a research-oriented institute, which was founded in 2005 at Xiamen University as an initiative to modernize economics and finance research and education in China. WISE focuses on frontier research, high-quality teaching, and enjoys intensive international academic exchanges and cooperation. SOE was one of the first schools of economics established in China and is one of the top five schools of economics in China according to the Chinese Ministry of Education.

WISE and SOE not only offer students rich courses taught by our distinguished faculty on modern economics, econometrics and finance, but also provide innovative programs tailored to different career goals, excellent study abroad opportunities, sophisticated information technology services, and fascinating teaching and research experiences. Highly motivated students can also challenge themselves by attending the stimulating seminars and international conferences frequently held by WISE and SOE. We assist students to acquire knowledge, apply techniques, and gain wisdom. We invite you to explore our various study programs. By joining us, we are sure you would find your time here intellectually rewarding.


Program's fee:

Tuition fees: 90,000RMB in total (for two years)

Application fee:400RMB

Study materials:

Estimated at RMB200-350 per semester


1.On-campus (Overseas Student Dormitory)

Estimated Price: RMB900-1500/bed/month (Cai Qingjie Building 蔡清洁楼 & Nanguang 5 Building 南光5号楼)


Estimated Price: RMB1200-2500/room/month (Gas, electricity, water and internet are usually excluded.)


Estimated at RMB750/month

Student insurance:

RMB600 per student per academic year

Other expenses:

Students are responsible for all other incidental fees during their study at university.

Average living costs per month in Xiamen:

RMB2000/person/month estimated to meet the basic needs including expenses on meals, learning materials, housing and transportation.

FAQs about Application

1. Am I eligible for WISE-SOE International Master’s Program admission if I do not speak Chinese?

Yes. All our programs are 2-year full-time study programs conducted in English. Students are not required to possess Chinese language abilities to enroll.

2. Am I eligible to apply for WISE-SOE International Master’s Program admission if my bachelor’s study is not in the field of economics?

Among our programs, Western Economics - Economic Theory is more academically oriented and requires stronger prerequisite economics training. However, all other courses only require an undergraduate bachelor degree. As such, the first semester of coursework assumes students have no familiarity with economics

3. May I apply to more than one program?

Students can list two choices when making the online application according to their preferences. The second choice will be considered if the first choice has been rejected.

4. Is it possible for me to enroll in the spring semester?

No. Xiamen University only enrolls new degree students in every fall semester (normally in mid September).

5. What does it mean by “applicants are eligible for scholarship assessment only after they are admitted to the master's program of Xiamen University”?

An application for scholarship is only considered after an applicant is admitted by Xiamen University. Prospective students who would like apply for scholarship(s) (e.g. Chinese Government Scholarship (University Postgraduate Program), Fujian Provincial Government Scholarship or Xiamen University Scholarship for New Students) should send the scholarship application materials together with the program application materials to the Xiamen University Admissions Office by the indicated deadline.

6. If I am a native English speaker or I was taught in English during my undergraduate study, am I still required to submit a TOEFL or IELTS certificate?

Native English speakers are exempted from the language requirements. Students whose bachelor’s studies are taught in English will need to submit a medium-of-instruction certificate. Other applicants should obtain a minimum score of 80 points or above for New TOEFL, grade 6.0 or above for IELTS, or a certificate from some other approved test of English proficiency.

7. What should I do if I am not able to provide two recommendation letters issued by professors or associate professors from my university?

You could submit one recommendation letter issued by your employer if you graduated a long time ago. However, at least one recommendation letter should be issued by your alma mater.

8. How do I locate the WISE-SOE International Master’s Programs in the online application system?

For International Trade, please choose “School of Economics” in the college list and “Master’s programs in English” in the department list. To find other programs, please choose “Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics” in the college list. Note that you should choose English as the language of instruction.

9. How long is the processing time for an application and how do I find out about the status of my application?

The University will publish the admission outcome on the application system of the Admissions Office about two month after receiving a complete set of documents. Admitted students’ Admission Notice and Visa Application Form will be sent out in batches starting in June. Applicants can log into the online application system to view the result of their application and detailed information regarding the delivery of the admission package.

10. What should I do if I found some serious errors in my submitted application?

Please contact the Xiamen University Admissions Office by email (admissions@cuecc.com or admissions@xmu.edu.cn) to return your application for revision.