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I. Application Brochure for International Graduate Students

☆ Academic programs open to international graduate students

      Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology offer the following majors to international graduate students: structural engineering, rocky soil engineering, bridge and tunnel engi-neering, disaster prevention & reduce and protection engin-eering, architecture history and theory, architecture design and theory, urban plan and design, architecture technology and science, environment engineering, municipal engineering, heat providing engineering, gas providing engineering, ventil-ation engineering, air-conditioning engineering, management science and engineering, material science, material process engineering, mechanical design and theory, etc.

. Life and study environment

      The university has special departments for foreign students. Each flat is equipped with separate washroom with shower, necessary furniture such as desk and wardrobe, indispens-able domestic appliances such as color TV, refrig-erator, air condition, washing machine and microwave oven. Each flat has set aside a network joint, which makes anytime cyber connection a possibility. Accommodation rate for single room is RMB80 per person per day. International students may have their meals in the university canteen and the rate is about RMB 20~50 per person per day.
      The university owns beautiful campus overflowing with vigor. Cherry-blossom road, plane-tree road and silk-tree road are filled with flowers giving forth their fragrance. Lawn with an area of several thousand square meters is covered with ever-green plants. High-rise buildings such as the newly-built library, Yi-fu Venue, Powder-engineering Building and Environment-engineering building rise steeply from the ground. Enjoying fresh air on the campus, both students and faculty members sooth their spirit and compose their mind. Ancient city of Xi’an enjoys four seasons in sharp contrast and pleasant environment. As an ancient city with a history of more than 1,000 years, Xi’an has a variety of historical sites and scenic spots all around the city. Xi’an has convenient transports. International students can pay their visits to all these places and experience Chinese culture with a history of 5,000 years during their stay for study.

Ⅲ .Tuition fee (RMB Yuan)

Student Categories

Per Year / Per Person

Beginning of Academic Year

Master’s candidate


Every October

Doctoral candidate


General trainee

RMB 2500 per month/person

All year around

Advanced trainee

RMB 3000 per month/person

Campus photos

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