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I .Qualifications of Applying for Admission

1. Admission to the Doctor degree Applicants are supposed to have the M.F.A in the concerned field

2. Admission to the M.F.A.:
Applicants are supposed to have the B.F.A. in fine arts.

3. Admission to the B.F.A.:
(a) The student with the high school certificate and having a grounding in fine arts.
(b) The student with the diploma of 2 nd -year study at an art college can apply for the 3 rd -year class of the related specialty.

4.Advanced studies:
Students for advanced studies should have some bases in fine art, no special requirement.

II . Necessary application materials for admission

1.An application form for admission to Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts ( offered by the academy).
2. Notarized copies of high school certificate or university diploma and relevant transcript

3. A certified copy of the passport (the page with photograph)

4. Two letters of recommendation for the M.F.A. and D.F.A. applicants, by two professors or experts

5. Eight full faced photos (two inches)

6. Six photos or printings of your works of art (except applicants for History of Fine Arts)

7. 480 Yuan for the expenses of signing up and examination

8. Study plan should be provided by the applicant for M.F.A. And the outline of the research paper is also needed for the applicant for D.F.A


Add: The International Cooperation and Exchanges Office of Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts
No. 100, HanGuang South Road , Xi'an , Shaanxi Province , PR China
Website:http: //